Okay traveling season is here! lets post some pictures of your corgi with recognizable landmark, monument, building or other structure. Let me start:

City of Toronto - CN Tower, Ontario, Canada

Southernmost Point - KeyWest, FL

Now go out, bring your camera and dogs, have fun, come back and share the pics with the rest of us :)

Rule: Your corgi must be in the picture, no photoshopping allowed!

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Clocktower at Riverfront Park in Spokane, Washington. This was the site of "Expo '74", The 1974 World's Fair.

Mt. Shasta, California
As Gwenie would say! She is a traveling corgi alright we are on road trip now!

Sandia Peak In Albuquerque New Mexico. Today.

Here's Stanley and his daddy at the Forsyth Park Fountain in Savannah, Ga.

And here he is at the pineapple fountain in Charleston, SC
I absolutely LOVE his happy face in the 2nd picture!!! and his cute little "how dare you take a picture of me" face in the last one... Absolutely ADORABLE!!!!
This last picture should be on the cover of a romance novel, although, since he's a corgi he'll have to pose with a taco or something. Stanley - you are a rascal!
Not sure if this really counts, but here's Beni in front of some state signs on our road trip last summer.

Your Texas picture made me say "AWE BABY CORGIIII" in my sweet voice and my Jackson came jumping up on the bed!
That sure counts as a traveling Corgi!

With the Mackinaw Bridge in the background. That will be our 4th of July camping trip again this year.

Simon at Seattle Center, with both the Space Needle and the International Fountain! Mmm, overspray! ;)
what a handsome photo!!
This photo is AWESOME!!!


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