Okay traveling season is here! lets post some pictures of your corgi with recognizable landmark, monument, building or other structure. Let me start:

City of Toronto - CN Tower, Ontario, Canada

Southernmost Point - KeyWest, FL

Now go out, bring your camera and dogs, have fun, come back and share the pics with the rest of us :)

Rule: Your corgi must be in the picture, no photoshopping allowed!

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great shot!!

The Mackinaw Bridge and the Mackinaw City Lighthouse our favorite summer trip! The Straits of Mackinaw are very beautiful!!
They look like they are waiting for the bus on that bench. Very cool - and cute too!!

Mt. Osceola, White Mountains, NH

Ft. Funston Dog Park/Pacific Ocean, San Francisco, CA

Base of Yosemite National Park (Dogs are not allowed "inside" so we took a pic of him before the entrance and it was busy)

Redwoods National Forest, CA
Here's Oliver at Niagara Falls

And Oliver in front of Old Fort Erie

love it!!
Thanks Sam for putting this up, it is fun to see everyone's corgi travels!
This past weekend we headed over to Seattle, Washington for a day trip.

Ashton trying to look as cool as Simon at the International Fountain with the Space Needle looming overhead.

If you can't look cool, be cool by running around IN the fountain!

Experience Music Project (EMP) is the silver/fuchsia/aqua colored building behind Ashton.
living in DC there is plenty of landmarks:)

Al & Tahoma (a.k.a. Mt.Rainier), Washington state, from near Snoqualmie Pass, north of I-90.

Gwynnie at Mt. Rainier National Park.  I didn't PhotoShop it, Sam, honest.

This picture was taken last Sunday.


Parliament Hill, Ottawa (center), Fairmont Chateau Laurier (Far Left), Frozen Rideau Ottawa River (back).

Corgis and human were standing at the back of the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Gatineau

(temperature -24C windchill = -11.2F windchill)



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