So, I love it when my Corgi gives me little "licks", aka "kisses" in people terms , but it seems like his licking is excessive. He licks and licks our faces and we're just wondering if this is a Corgi thing or if he's just licking for leftover food bits , or if he's lacking something ( certainly not love and affection). Any ideas?  I'm finding it annoying at times.

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Mine do this in the am...Livvy actually takes her paw and moves my hand/arm to get to my face. I would say it's fairly normal but some are lickier than others:)
Yes!  It's more-so in the morning!  I would like to think it's affection but then I thought it might be something else.  Good to know he's not alone in his Corgi-licking routine.  Thanks for the reply Jane.

Ours is a licker, I would say his licking has calmed down over time.  His licking at times seems like it was obssesive, at one time we would have him on the bed in the morning with us, he would lick the bed sheets, the pillow case on the pillow and hubbys face!!!!  We had to tell him to stop.....because like you said it can get annoying at times, I know even though they are sooooo darn cute :)  He is now 5 and still licks but not nearly as much.  When he was a pup I absolutely had to put a stop to him licking the speaker on the bottom of the rear projection tv we had, gross!!! lol  A NO....actually worked for that, the other things took repeated NO's lol.  Maybe he was obssesive with the sheets, and pillow case, and hubbys face cause he was soooo exicted to be up on the bed with us, since it wasn't something he didnt get to do on a regular basis. 


Loves to lick companys feet as well :O  Not everyone is a fan of that, but I really think that is an affection lick.  Tonight, I got some licks on my face, but it was a few and that was it, like I love you <3  I know I was never a fan of a dog licking me, and now I tolerate it from my own dog, cause hes mine. 


A neighbor of mine told me that when a dog licks you, it is their way of taking care of you?? Has anyone else heard of that, first time I heard that one!!



Frosty tries to be a licker, but I absolutely can't STAND excessive licking, so we always nip it in the butt ASAP.  Frosty is allowed to give just a couple kisses, and then he has to stop.  He is pretty good about stopping it when you tell him.  Every now and then he forgets and tries to lick the same spot on his body/toys/furniture repeatedly and we have to tell him to stop.  No licking in the morning though, then its mostly jumping up and rebounding off of us lol.  I don't think its just a corgi thing though; my parents have a border collie/black lab mix who licks constantly (expecially the sheets and my stepdads feet yuck!!).  Here are a couple more discussion on licking:


Franklin used to obsessively lick the carpets. Didn't matter where we were he would just plop down and lick lick lick until we had to tell him a firm 'NO!!!". Then he would stop with his tounge on the carpet and look up with his cute corgi eyes (tounge still stuck to the carpt) like "are you suuuuuuuuuure?" He is currently half asleep licking the pillow his head is resting on....*sigh* at least he doesn't lick carpets anymore.....
oh my gosh thats so funny!
My corgi's do this to the couch!!!  At least they are not the only ones that lick random household items excessively!
Buffy (RIP) and one of or cats, Spud(also gone now) used to wash each other all the time. It really was cute and they would hold each other down with their paws. If I do not want to be licked (and I do not most of the time) I stop it though. I still get to make the decisions Lol!
Both of mine are lickers!  When I get home from work I have one on each side of me licking my hands.  Bucher will also lick the sheet at night, also his paws!  We have to tell him to stop a couple of times, he will even try to hide on us so we don't know what he is doing, but I can hear him!  He is very stubborn!!  And the look in his eyes when we are telling him to stop, I will have to try to get a picture!
Mine tend to lick a lot as well... it can be quite annoying.  They also lick objects and one has the nervous habit of licking his paws.  He does it when he thinks he's in trouble, or at other points when he's slightly ill at ease.
Thank you all so very much for your comments.  It's helpful to know that Gretzky isn't the only one that does this.  Gotta love those Corgis!
mine lick all the time.  every time they get in my lap they start.  I seen a pets 101 on animal planet that this woman's corgi will lick her when her sugar starts to get out of control.  mine don't lick too long because they would rather be jumping on each other and going outside for a good chase.


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