I have just adopted a 9 year old cardigan corgi and she has a back issue. How can I safely lift her into a car or carry her up stairs? 

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I've been thinking about this myself since corgis are hard to pick up even without back problems. I found some low-cost open-ended canvas and nylon log carriers that look like they could be used to lift corgis while supporting the whole spine. You can check out the dimensions on line. With a bit of research you should be able to find one that isn't too wide to fit around his/her belly. I haven't tried it myself, but it may be worth investigating.

I tried a blanket wrapped around her like that but she squealed her pain squeal when I needed to take her to the vet. Of course she was not walking then due to her back pain. She is walking now again this morning. I ended up sliding her into a plastic snow sled for kids. I think the canvas tote would work if it had a rigid bottom like a board. 

Here is a photo from a facebook page showing the log carrier being used for a corgi with a pinched nerve in his back.

That looks great. My vet showed me today how to do with just me for lifting her in or out of the car. I think your carrier would be good for carrying her up a long flight of stairs or something. For now I have rigged up a long ramp for her to get into the car. I have to stop ;her from trying to jump out or jump in.. 

I think I'll try making one of yours in case she gets older. 

Ingenious, looks like they cut holes in it for the legs....

I was going to suggest a walk about carrier:

but maybe the log carrier is better suited to the Corgi body.

Here is an article you may find of interest regarding the Ruffwear harnesses.  I saw a lady at my Vet's office that had one of these harnesses on an old dog with mobility problems.



Adopting a 9 year-old corgi with back problems says a lot about you as a pet owner. So glad you found each other. I hope you have many more years to enjoy each other's company. Good luck managing her mobility issues.  Having mobility issues myself, I have learned many ways to make travel to various buildings and activities easier for both of us. I always look for the most "accessible" entrance and elevators. There are portable ramps that are very helpful for people and pets to use for access to cars and buildings. I also taught my dog to get into and out of a wheeled laundry/shopping cart so I can take her on the bus and to vet appointments, and such because I can't lift her not because she cannot jump up. She can get in and out of many places now because her spinal issues are minimal compared to mine at this point. She can walk unassisted, but I need to have her "restrained" to enter public places, and some of the places we visit are several acres wide which tires her (and I :-D ) She doesn't like getting into the cart that much, but she loves being rolled about and she sits quietly (and quite cutely) in the cart so she is allowed everywhere. I do line the cart with a huge sturdy quilt and her bedding so she can rest comfortably. Hope you find some ideas that help you!

I have nothing to offer about lifting her, but I just wanted to say how kind it is of you to be willing to adopt a senior dog with a known health issue.  That takes a lot of love and courage.  


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