Hi all. Just wondering whether your little boy corgis lift their legs when peeing outside. Howie has started to do this recently. We wondered whether he ever would since he's so short. Now he does about 50% of the time. Pretty cute. :)

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I remember once poor Algy lifted his leg, fell over, and took a tumble down a small hill. Poor kid! All he wanted to do was pee! Ever since, he would still lift his little leg, but he stayed away from that hill!
LOL! Steve tumbled before too... He also wobbles when it's windy because he tippy toes with the other 3 legs which is hilarious and makes me laugh no matter how many times I see it.
Yes, Monty lifts his little leg about 50% of the time. He fell over once to because we was trying to pee higher on a telephone pole than the doggie before him! It was too cute. I noticed he does it more when there are other doggies around even if we just hear barking...I think it is an ego thing!
Sparty is 11 and also very short but that does not stop him from lifting his leg as high as possible! It is pretty funny as he balances on one hind leg desperately trying to pee as high as he can.
Haha, this sounds like a description of Vivi. No matter how hard he tries though he almost always gets pee on his front legs.
haha, I remember when Gibson was a puppy, I dreaded him ever lifting his leg..but then he did and it was adorable :) I still giggle whenever he does it :)
I swear, when Oliver lifts his leg, the supporting leg goes on tippy-toes...sometimes with hilarious results.
If he's in our yard, you can barely tell he's lifting his leg; it barely leaves the ground! However, when we are out on walks, he reeeeeeally tries to lift his leg. It's almost like he's trying to look taller than he is! =D
Noodles is the same way. I still remember the first time he attempted to lift his leg because he fell over and looked back at me as if to say "why did you knock me over?" He has mastered the art now of lifting his leg, but he doesn't do it all the time. If he is in his backyard, most of the time he will do a danty squat or barely lift his back, left leg. If it is windy out, he will not lift his leg at all. :) I still laugh at him when he lifts his leg!
Jack sure lifts his. He started when he was about 6 months old and never stopped. When he really has to pee he just sort of tilts sideways a bit, but when he is marking something he really lifts it high.

My girl Maddie successfully peed up the side of a telephone pole the other day on a walk. I missed how she managed it but did see the end result. :-)
Izzy lifts her leg too but does not seem as intent on appearing tall like Sparty.
Aber used to, but usually only when there was a man around. He always squatted around women. I guess the testosterone made him want to cock that little drumstick leg of his. Ragnar isn't old enough yet. He still squats.


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