Hey everyone, I'm worried for Grover! He went to doggy daycare yesterday and came back limping! I asked when I picked him up and they said that they hadn't noticed it until just then and I do trust this place. They are usually really Great with Grover and he is one of the ladies favorites so he gets lots of extra attention when he's there. So I'm sure if anything serious had happened to injure his leg, she would have told me about it.
He limped one other time, about 5 months ago. Then he just developed a bit of limp and I took him to the vet and said he thought he might have pulled a muscle and put him on some sort of puppy ibuprophen (I think, I have the empty bottle someplace). It cleared up and he was fine.
However, I have noticed, off and on that he will limp on his back right leg. It usually is after a very serious romp with another dog and seems to last just a minute or so and he's back to normal.
I haven't taken him to the vet yet, but I plan to tomorrow morning. The limp was worse yesterday than today and he doesn't act as though it hurts, even when I rub his leg or move his leg around.
What do you guys think? Husband said he (joking!!!) that he thought he was doing it for attention because he didn't do it when I wasn't in the room!!
Seriously though, could he have pulled something again? He was a pup last time this happened, so I contributed that to puppyhood. Thoughts?

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He might have pulled something! See if there is any pain in the area, just lightly touch it. Most dogs don't let you know when they're in pain so you kind of have to investigate yourself. I would definitely call the vet and maybe mention what had happened before and when the limp occurs now and if you should bring your dog in.

Winston limps sometimes after he's been taking a nap, I think his leg falls asleep, haaha
Sorry, I don't have any advice really... But I hope that he gets well and that it's not a big issue. Hugs all around.
It's a concern if it is persistent or recurrent.
If it's just a sore pad, that heals quickly -- Al blistered his main front pad spectacularly once, a "flapper" the size of a nickel, limped obviously, fine within days. He got a sore pad Sunday after 12+ miles in the desert; I'd looked at his pads and it was red but not tender BEHIND the front toe pads, no wincing upon prodding. The lesion was more obvious 2 days later but he was running on it.
I worry about blackberry thorns or cactus spines, I really prod & explore their feet thoroughly, working my fingers way down inside between their toes, looking for wincing.
Around 9 months ago Nevaeh just started to limp one day. I thought she injured her leg running around like a crazy dog. The next day it was fine. Two days later is was back. We took her to the vet and they did xrays, yada , yada, yada... .hundreds of dollars later they found nothing. I spoke with my breeder who said to have her tested for Lyme. I took her to a different vet (I had other issues with the first vet) and requested a lyme test. They didnt think it was lyme but tested her at my persistence and sure as heck she tested positive. She was put on antibiotics and is fine now. But in research they say a symptom of lyme is lameness in the leg. So all i suggest if there are no other causes that you can see and if it doesnt get better, maybe you should test for lyme disease.
That's not something I've heard before! Worth checking into if we can't get this worked out!!
Well, we have an appt for tomorrow. But this morning he was a lot better. It was barely even noticable. And last night he practically BEGGED for a walk and I took him out for a quick 10 minutes, just to chill him out some and he seemed fine once he got going. Who knows?!?!
We'll see what our vet says tomorrow!
I did check his paw pads, by the way, and they were fine. I couldn't see anything and he didn't seem to mind me rubbing them and moving his toes around.
Our 7 month old Cardigan had an issue with limping recently. We left him with my Mom while we were on our honeymoon for a week and when we got him back he was limping. It was hard to tell which leg it was. We investigated the pads and did find a couple thorns on the side of one of the front pads but even after we removed them he limped on and off. It was worse in the morning or when he first stood up or after playing or running. We finally determined it was his front right leg but he never acted like he was in pain even when we touched the leg and rotated the joints. That was almost a month ago and he seems better but the limp still comes and goes. We mentioned it to our vet while we were there for something else and he said he could do x-rays but they would have to sedate him to stretch out his legs and keep them in the right position so we decided to give him more time and see if it goes away. I'd hate to do all that if it's nothing but I would like to rule out issues such as displasia. Definitely let us know what your vet finds out.
Okay, here's the update on Grove! Basically we don't know anything yet! I'm taking him in for X-Rays tomorrow morning and I'll know more when I pick him up in the afternoon. I'm really nervous!! Fingers crossed that everything is fine! I'll post tomorrow to let you know what they say!
Yes, could be a muscle pull or ligament/tendon sprain. You may want to get some anti-inflammatory (like Deramaxx) from your vet to help if it keeps acting up. It's probably what your vet used before -- but definitely NOT ibuprofen - which is harmful to doggies. X-rays may not show soft tissue injury -- would require an expensive MRI. My 9 yr. old Toddy has had problems off and on in his front shoulder since he was a pup. The Deramaxx has always helped when he overdoes it.

Good luck! Jayne & Toddy
I read about Deramaxx. Joey limps regularly and is overweight. And is 10 years old. It comes and goes. We think arthritis.
Well, do you all think I should have the x-rays then? They are expensive....and if they won't show soft tissue issues, then is there a point in having them? My vet is usually really great about not making us spend money we don't have.
I'm sure your vet won't do x-rays if it's not necessary. Good luck and keep us posted!
Well, Grover has Hip Dysplasia. We just got back from the vet and he explained the x-rays to me. I could definitely see what he was referring to as far as the loosenss in his hip joint. It is predominately on his left hip joint....
I'm not really sure how to feel about this yet. I had HUGE cry on the way home to my best friend. Of course she pointed out that there's no since in dwelling on what he might be like 5 years from now and that he's going to have many happy years despite this. Which is what the vet said. I know this doesn't have to be a big deal. And our vet was SUPER optimistic saying that it wasn't serious at this time but that he would likely have issues as he gets older. So...that's it. He gave me some anti-inflamitories for when he is limping and said that the limping would probably occur off and on.
Geez...what crappy news. I just feel so bad for my little guy.
Of course, as I'm writing this, he's chasing the cat through the living room at top speed and acting just like he always does...like a total nut!


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