Hey everyone, I'm worried for Grover! He went to doggy daycare yesterday and came back limping! I asked when I picked him up and they said that they hadn't noticed it until just then and I do trust this place. They are usually really Great with Grover and he is one of the ladies favorites so he gets lots of extra attention when he's there. So I'm sure if anything serious had happened to injure his leg, she would have told me about it.
He limped one other time, about 5 months ago. Then he just developed a bit of limp and I took him to the vet and said he thought he might have pulled a muscle and put him on some sort of puppy ibuprophen (I think, I have the empty bottle someplace). It cleared up and he was fine.
However, I have noticed, off and on that he will limp on his back right leg. It usually is after a very serious romp with another dog and seems to last just a minute or so and he's back to normal.
I haven't taken him to the vet yet, but I plan to tomorrow morning. The limp was worse yesterday than today and he doesn't act as though it hurts, even when I rub his leg or move his leg around.
What do you guys think? Husband said he (joking!!!) that he thought he was doing it for attention because he didn't do it when I wasn't in the room!!
Seriously though, could he have pulled something again? He was a pup last time this happened, so I contributed that to puppyhood. Thoughts?

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Oh, I'm really sorry about the news. I know I had a good cry when I found out about Gus' dysplasia also. He is doing okay-some days are good, others not so good. The weather seems to make a big difference-cold, damp days are tough (and we've had lots of them lately!) I give him Cosequin DS twice a day and it really seems to help. I also need to work hard at keeping the extra weight off him. I think surgery may be in the future. Our vet told us about something called femoral head ostomy where they remove the heads of the femurs and everything fills in with scar tissue. It sounds awful, but he said it is usually very successful. Keep me posted, and good luck with Grover!
Any update on Grover????? Is he still limping??? What was the outcome of the vet visit???

I'm sorry to hear tha bad news. How old is Grover anyway. Does anyone know how early dysplasia can be detected?
How are things? Are you feeling better about Grover? Hoping the anti-inflammatories are helping.

Jayne & Toddy
Grover is doing better and the anti-inflammatories are working I think. He's only had to take two since I got them and both times was after a long play with the water hose in the backyard and after a short hike.
I'm checking into suppliments, which the vet said might help out. He's only a year and half old. So he's really young to have this issue.
Finnigan is our 8 month old Cardigan and he had hip x-rays done last week which indicated moderate dysplasia. After talking to his breeder as well as another breeder, it sounds like if a vet is not very familiar with hips of a dwarf breed, they may read their hips as very bad when in fact they are not. Do you know how familiar your vet is with the breed? I think we are going to wait until Finn is at least 18 months old and take him to a vet one of the breeders recommended to have more x-rays done. We are giving him suppliments now though since the vet and breeder think this is a good idea. I purchased 21st Century K-9 Maximum Joint Formula. it has Glucosamine, Chondoitin, Vitamin C, MSM, Omega 3 & 6 and a few other things the vet said would be good for him. I just thought I'd share what I had heard. I'm still not convinced that Finn does not have dysplasia but at least it gives me some hope that things aren't as bad as our vet made it seem. I know how you feel finding that Grover has problems while he's still so young. It's scary to think how it may effect them in the future. If he's acting like he's in pain now, I would definitely start him on suppliments. Good luck and we send Grover our best. :)
Thanks so much for the suppliment advice. I really do trust our vet. Grover right now is 15 months old now. But I think within the next 6 months I'll have a second set of x-rays done at another vet for a second opinion. Just to be on the safe side. I'm not sure how to go about finding a vet that has more experience with dwarf breeds. I'll do some research.
Sending our best to Finnigan as well!! Thanks for all the great advice!
I talked to a breeder in our area and even though we did not get Finn from her, she was happy to recommend a vet she uses to have her Corgi's hips x-rayed. If there is a breeder in your area I would check with them. If you decide to have x-rays done by another vet, I would wait until he is at least 2 years old since that's when they are really considered adults. That's why OFA will not certify a dog's hips until 2 years of age. Another thing that was recommended to me is swimming. This is a great way to keep the muscles strong and hold the hip joints in place without being hard on the joints as things like running can be. Just something to consider. Let me know how things progress and good luck. :)
I didn't even think of that. I think there is a breeder fairly close I'll try to get into contact with.
And I didn't reallize that 2 yrs was when they did the OFA certification. I'll wait until then!
Alice, you are the best! I appreciate all the great advice.
The swimming, though...Grover has only been swimming once and he had a look on his face like he thought I was trying to kill him! He was terrified!!! We might try again this summer, we'll see!! :)


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