Hello Fellow Corgi owner !

So my wondeful Corgi Sheldon has been limping since Last Sunday ( so a week and a 1/2 ) I took him to the Vet and he didn't find anything in particular ... No problem with knees / foot / hips / back. We had some Anti-inflammatory for 10 days. He's been doing better , but every time he gets up after a Nap or eating a bone he start limping... Like an Old man ! He's not even 2 yet !!! 

We followed the vet instruction like not taking him for walk and other things that could hurt is paw.

I'm a little worries... but I,m sure it my Corg Momy heart that is hurt ! 

Thank you for your Input :) 

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So which foot/leg?

Noodles started this last year and with rest, it would go away. Then I started noticing that after our afternoon walk/jog, he would be limping by the time we got back home (2.5 miles). At his annual check-up in December, I mentioned this. After doing their testing and finding nothing (was told he has mild arthritis), his doctor prescribed him Carprofen. He started out at one full pill a day (take 1/2 pill every 12 hours) and that did the trick. He was on a full pill a day for 2 weeks and then I started backing him off to half a pill a day (doctor's orders). I will say he didn't limp, but he didn't have as much energy either with only taking half a pill. I now only give him a half a pill when he needs it and have recently started putting an all-natural powder (called Spunky Level II) on his food once a day. This helps with his joints. He has responded well to it (this came as a recomendation from my brother who has their 11 year old lab on it). Of course, Noodles will turn 9 in June, so unlike your Sheldon, mine is kind of an old man. I do understand your concern though and wanted to let you know about Noodles.  

He may just have a soft tissue injury.   I actually recommend taking him on several short walks a day to keep him loose and see if that helps.  

Jack hurt himself once when he caught his paw going in the crate at high speed; I think he wrenched his shoulder?  He would limp after resting like you describe, and for a couple months after he would limp occasionally.  It gradually went away and now we've had no issues with that for a couple years.  

Soft tissue injuries take some time to heal, as you know if you've ever overdone it yourself.

Tucker has a similar problem.  He limps a little at night (hind leg) or if he has been doing a lot of running.  He's about 2 as well.  I took him to the doggie orthopedist who did an x-ray.  It turned out that Tucker had a fracture at the growth plate which hadn't healed properly.  It probably happened before I got him.  The orthopedist says this is a common puppy fracture.

There isn't a lot that you can do with this type of fracture until he limps all the time.  The regular vet gave me a painkiller for him for nights that he's really hopping around and has me give him glucosamine-MSM-chondroitin twice a day.  Eventually Tucker will need either a hip replacement or another surgery.

You may want to get an x-ray to diagnose and see if it is just the result of an old injury,

Hello Everyone Thank you for all your support and quick response :)

He hurt is Right foot ! but... 

Sheldon for some odd reason seem to be doing better tonight ! No limping even though we went on a walk ! I think He needed to do small exercise to help his muscle warmed up. 

I will follow your advice and start him on some glucosamine for joints just in case.
And Beverly , i'm so sorry for Tucker Injuries ! i'm glad the orthopedist help you diagnose his fracture ! I'm still gonna wait a little longer to see how Sheldon does But believe me if I have any doubts i'm taking him to my vet for X rays ! I'll take them myself !  

front or back?

Linus did something similar around a year old. He only limped when he got up from a nap or resting for a long time. The vet gave him a week of Rimadyl and we restricted his activity. We carried him up and down stairs and furniture and we didn't let him run. He was on leash only when he was outside of the house. He was better in about 10 days.

If he improves with mild exercise and worsens with rest, it's usually either soft tissue or arthritis. Considering his age, soft tissue is most likely. Keep up with mild exercise and don't worry unless you are still seeing the problem after a month or so is my advice.

We've been noticing the occasional limping with Wally as well (16 months old now).  It happens a few times per month as you said when he gets up from his bed, sleeping on hard surface.   I've had him checked as well and the vet checked all the joints and health.   Nothing to report.

I've read a bit here and there and for me I just see it as being stiff a bit after sleeping in an odd position.   Some of us get out of bet worse than when we got in so it might be the same for these little guys.

I've been giving Green Lipped Mussel Powder supplement to his food for the past 3 months and I do have to say that he seems a bit more "bouncy" on it.    He's quite young to be developping any type of joint issues but the Vet recommend this has a "preventative measure".    

I can't find any documentation or independant research that prove the validity of this benefit on young dogs.


Well after 3 weeks of limping after getting up from a rest , My vet Is starting to think Sheldon might have arthritis and he's not even 2... i'm a little bummed out and a little scared because it happen so fast and so sudden. He also told me to put Sheldon on some glucosamine and chondroitin supplement and make him loose weight. I really hope everything turn out better once i get him on those suppplement, i'm getting extra stress with the whole thing. 


Did your vet test for Lyme disease?
Well the chances that he got bit by a tick are small since we have about 5 feet of snow since november ! But i also protect sheldon from tick !


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