Has anyone ever done this to their Corgi?

We are seriously considering it as Colbert has super thick corgi fur and we live in grotesquely humid Charleston, South Carolina.

He already has a deviated septum which results in him clicking while panting and we would like for him to not get heat exhaustion or heat stroke because he loves to keep up with our chowbrador and aussie cattle dog while playing hardcore fetch.

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Wow, I'm sorry but it's exactly as O'Ryan explained.. It looks so horrible on a corgi, lol!
When you shave that close you have a risk of hot spots...bug bites...sunburn..and heatstroke or chills. You should see some of the cuts they do on dogs. There is a competition w/poodles and the cuts are amazing. They create these poodles to look like Bison, Camels, Clydesdales, Ninja Turtles, etc. Its kinda neat but none of the cuts are this close to the body or atleast not the majority of the body.
Considering what some people do to their own hair nowadays, I reckon the Golden Rule is scant protection for our animals.
I think one of the things we can learn from our relationships with other animals is Restraint.
I can only imagine that the dog in the picture is planning revenge for that hair-cut!

I wouldn't do it to my corgi. They need those layers of fur for protection.
Penny loves her kiddie pool and will jump in right after playing. My vet said that cooling the pads on her feet give the most relief from heat and that putting pure rubbing alcohol on them will help too.
Oh wow, that is a sad corgi...poor thing.

Please don't do the lion cut. It's such an awful cut to do to a poor dog. I just saw a German Shepard with that cut and it looked awful! I didn't even know it was a German Shepard until the groomer told me about it. I kept laughing at the poor dear and well--it just looked really goofy on him.

Thankfully, Freya's belly fur grew back pretty quick after her spay shave.
I can't believe this thread is still around. NO don't do this to your Corgi. As I have said, they need their fur and their dignity. Would you want to go out into the neighborhood with a horrible, embarrassing haircut?? Neither do your dogs.
Please understand that the fancy "lion" cuts and what-nots were developed for poodles who were working in the field and needed long hair left over their loins, legs, faces, etc for protection from cold water, while longer hair was removed from elsewhere to decrease drag in the water.

A poodle is NOT a double-coated breed with an insulating undercoat. A poodle has a single long coat, so removing part of it does not truly damage the coat's insulating properties.

Removing the guard hairs from a Corgi and leaving just undercoat is not good. The dog, if unclipped, will actually blow his undercoat when the weather gets warm, and solve its own problem. The coat protects from sun and windburn and protects its body from environmental heat.

No dog should be doing strenuous activity if it is over 80 degrees, coat or no coat. Walks are fine but hard running and stuff should be avoided and left for cooler parts of the day. Removing the coat won't remove the risk of heat stroke.
I did shave my Corgi but not a lion cut she was clipped short but not SHAVED totally she still has a good amount of fur. She had some hot spots and some places that she was chewing. The vet had medicine that needed to be applied and the places she was chewing on were getting fur in them...so she was trimmed short. She looks like a puppy and I do hope that her fur grows back in nicely. I wouldnt have shaved her if it hadnt been brought to my attention. She sheds enough for six dogs but we have a Roomba...robotic vaccum cleaner.
It may be a mistake to assume that dogs will be cooler with their fur shorn. WE feel cooler with our clothes off; this is partly convective cooling (direct contact with cool air), but in hot weather, our cooling is largely evaporative cooling, the evaporation of sweat. Remember that dogs do not sweat like we do, so absence of fur might cool them less than we'd expect.
They can't tell us whether they like it or not.
I buzz Miranda but only in the back end and it is for hygene reasons because she is a fluff. I have had dog groomers ask what they should cut and I am very specific. If you want to thin the back end, trim the belly or something that is understandable. But shaving the whole body is kind of a lot and it does mean your dog will be more uncomfortable in the end, if not red with a sun burn
The best thing you can do for your corgi is to leave his fur as nature intended.


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