For those of us that have babies that have flown, what is the longest flight for them?  My Snowball has flown from Ft.Smith AR. to Atlanta. Not a good experience for either one of us( and I work for the airline) Anyone else?

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Waffle has flown 6 feet in the air after launching himself off of his herding ball from the top of a small hill... he landed about 10 feet away from his starting point.  ...
yup...not sure mine have gone any higher either!!!!  Cute Rachel.
My Kota was shipped from a breeder in Louisianna to us in Florida.  Shouldn't have been a long flight (hour and a half??).  She was in a crate for over 12 hours because of flight delays (mechanical probs, etc.).  She was filthy when we picked her up from the airport, of course, and was traumatized by being in the crate for so long. 
My puppy is flying from Dallas to San Jose, Ca this coming Sunday plane departs at 1:30pm Central and arrives 9:30pm Pacific :(  any suggestions on how to comfort the pup when she arrives? I am guessing she will need to be walk for a bit so she can go potty? and then taken home and let her sleep after a long traumatizing flight?
I would definitely recommend bringing fresh bed/blanket for crate; cleaning supplies, plastic bag for soiled items in the crate.  And something to clean puppy up a little for the ride home. 
Yes. After you have been checked in and are at the gate ask the ticket agent if you are able to see your pet. The right answer is yes sir you can. Take as much time as you like and spent it with your pup outside the crate. Dont feed the pup just spend time with it. Put a piece of clothing with your scent on it and put it in the crate. When you arrive at SJC ask if the crate can be delivered to the gate when you arrive instead of going though baggage. Some airlines might let you carry the pup with you as carry on luggage. Ask.
Wow, my Socks is arriving tomorrow noon also coming from Dallas to San Jose. She actually is coming from Missouri ground to Dallas then flown to San Jose. I am sure she will be very traumatized.
If you are interested in tracking that flight from the start you can go to and put your flight number and airline and it will tell you minute to minute where you flight is and when it will arrive.
Butters has her skymiles!  :)  She flew from Virginia Beach to Seattle and then back to Virginia Beach last Christmas.  Then this past spring we flew from Virginia Beach to here in Stuttgart, Germany.  And she did wonderfully both times.  Not one accident in her crate, and I defnitely kept tabs on her the whole time.  Refused to take off until the flight attendent confirmed with the pilot that my fur child was on board.  Don't be bashful!
Good to hear that Butters. Your a good girl. Dont be arfraid you can ask. Next time put a video cam in the crat.
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