Hi Corgi Friends,

I'm reaching out because my husband and I are looking to bring home a young adult corgi. We actually found our last sweet girl using this site and she was the best thing that ever happened to us. We lost her in May. If anyone knows of any young adults looking to be re-homed, I'd be most grateful if you could contact me. Perhaps a dog a breeder/shower has determined would be a better companion dog. I am in Washington, DC but could drive up and down the east coast. My e-mail is lauragoldstein@me.com. Thank you so much, Laura

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I am also searching for another Pembroke.

Not sure where you live, near DC?, but found a handsome male tri-color, named Dillon at Coastal Humane in Brunswick ME.

Dillon needs to be the only dog in the family.We have 2 so we can't adopt him.

They have a website at Coastalhumane.org.

He sounds like a wonderful dog, 5yrs 3 mos old.

Maybe he could work for you if not too far.

He was still available yesterday.

Good luck,


When I first started looking for a young adult corgi I tried several sites but petfinder seemed to have the most hits, though they often involved a transport and we're not always purebreds. I was not really specific, but after a long search because I needed a certain temperament that made my search more limiting, I found a mixed breed corgi that looks exactly like a PWC, with the exception of slightly longer legs and a lighter coat. Her ears, missing tail, and corgi smarts are straight up corgi so I would definitely go the same route again if you cannot find one in the area. They tend to show up on the Esat Coast much less often, but I have seen them and I always wonder where they were when I was searching so long. Sully was well worth the wait though. Hope you find your honey soon!

Sorry, but I cannot help, but I do wish you luck finding another companion.....every home, every family needs a corgi!


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