Casey (2 1/2 years old) has recently started sneezing, and as his mom, I am trying to be ON IT now.  Last October he started biting his feet and sneezing for the first time since we got him at 12 weeks.  When we took him to our vet he said it was allergies.  After a shot and some prescribed medicine things were much better.


I am looking for the most effective allergy medicine that you have given your baby.  It was recommended by our vet to give him an over the counter allergy medicine with chlorpheniramine, which I have.  However, I am reaching out to see if there is anything specific that you have used that worked. 


I must be frank and hopefully do not sound rude but - I am NOT looking for pros and cons.  I have found that sometimes when I look for info I see paragraphs after paragraphs but no "getting" to the point info.


YOUR positive experiences are greatly appreciated.


Thank you!

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Short answer: Stick with Chlorpheniramine
Thank you very much.
I do have a few questions for you? How badly does he shed through these times and roll in the yard? I know that if I've become overwhelmed and lack in keeping up on the grooming during the fall and spring that a few of mine will roll the backwards sneeze and even a little runny eye but if I really brush and even bath all those systems are gone. Mine wrestle with one another alot so they can get mouthfuls of fur as you can imagine. My first Corgi had the seasonal allergies and what seemed to help her was wiping her down when she came in to rid of any debris or allergens on her fur coat...Benadryl...and keeping her groomed and with all that making sure my floors were swept. Hopefully that will help and you won't have to heavily medicate him. I would go into foods but since this is only twice a year...I wouldn't think it has anything to do with that. Good luck.
Makes sense; with my own spring allergies it really helps if I wash my face when I come inside. I still need medication, but if I work in the yard and don't wash up, I have break-through symptoms anyway.
I've used over the benedryl for along time and it helps alot for this time of year mine usally need it for a few weeks in the spring only, I give 1 mg per pound of body weight.
Casey is not shedding any more than usual. We have been getting him professionally groomed every 4 - 5 weeks. He is not a grass roller though - yet, and I am told that I am a clean freak so you can bet my floors are kept clean.

Recently he did had one backwards sneeze but mainly several normal sneezes in a row. I am sure that dogs without allergies sneeze once in a while also. It was the biting his hair off the top of his paws that got us to take him to the vet in the first place.

I may be jumping the gun because the vet "thinks" it was allergies. We have not had him tested because this was new to us just last October. But like any parent, I am in tune to his behaviors and am usually pro-active rather than reactive.

I hate to give him something that he does not need but worse I hate not giving him something that he needs. It is like a catch 22.
I had a very similar series of events with Tom. He started licking an biting at a spot on on leg, then started some deep, wet coughing. My vet --for whatever reason--won't use the word allergy but rather talked about a reaction to some seasonal irritant. He suggested OTC benedryl tabs, 1 mg per lb and the tabs come in 25 mg so said just to givev him one of those at night. Worked great, didn't even make Tom sleepy. After 3 nights, all the symptoms stopped and now I just give him one if I hear him coughing during the day.
Thank you for this info. If the chlorpheniramine does not work I will try the OTC benadryl.
The symptoms might get better of you switch to grain free food like Orijen, Evo, etc. Some are available from Petco.
My dog had pretty bad skin reactions and sneezing while on grain containing food that disappeared after a month on Orijen.

Our 30 pound Corgi, Ace, gets 10 mg of Zyrtec a day. It's helping, but he's starting to get bumps on his underside--the pollen is at an all time high here in VA. He also gets a bath at least once a week and wiped down after walks. Last fall we moved to this area and didn't know what he was reacting to. It got so bad he started to lose his fur. After many trips to the vet and meds for skin infections, it seems to have sorted itself out as long as we give him the Zyrtec before it gets bad. Good luck.

Never had to use but I do keep Benadryl on had for several types of  allergic reactions.

Good old said generic is fine, 2 per day.  Max has bad allergies from mid August till frost, my worst time too.  So he stays on Benadryl for that time period.  I didn't start it soon enough last year and he ended up with a bad ear infection.  Won't happen again this year.


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