On Nov 26th about 2:30PM while visiting from Illinois for the Thanksgiving holiday, a door opened and our Cardigan Welsh Corgi “Jessie” darted out the door. She’s 4 years old and only 21 lbs.

She was last seen in the Sweet Bay Rd. area of Kathleen, GA. We found her collar and she does not have a microchip.

We have talked to people outside and if we see them in the homes. We have put up posters and will print and hang more on Sunday.

Anyone who lives in the Kathleen area please be on the lookout for this pet. If any of you can do an active search, it would be very much appreciated. She could have traveled pretty far since Wednesday or could have been picked up, so please keep an eye out wherever you live. Please call the numbers below if you see or hear anything about “Jessie”.

Dann – (478) 396-9449 or Kerri (309) 737-4160

We thank everyone very much for anything they can do to help. We really miss Jessie and want her to come home!!

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We do not live in the area. We will pray for a safe return of Jessie to you. Hope she is found quickly and safely. How hard this must be for you. : ( In our thoughts and prayers. Natalie, Lance and family
Best wishes and prayers for a safe return from San Diego too. This has got to be in my top 5 worse nightmares. I really feel terrible for you and hope Jesse is back safe in your arms very soon. Please keep us posted.
My thoughts and prayers for you! hope for safe return!
We don't live in GA, but send our prayers and energies that your precious cardi will be found safe and sound!!
We are so sorry to hear of this! We pray for her safe return! Good luck!
Sweetie, we are so sorry for this to happen. I truly hope you find Jessie.
I hope for Jesse's safe return! Unfortunately, we don't live in the area. You are in our thoughts as you try to locate your Jesse!
Did you call animal control in the local area? How about animal shelter? You may also want to contact the area corgi rescue as well, we 're praying for her safe return.
I don't live in the area either sorry but best wishes and prayers to you. And a bit of advice.. Say a prayer to Saint Anthony it's a thing that my family does when we loose something hopefully if you try it it will bring your baby back. Again best wishes and goodbye
Love, Brittany, Honey, and all who have ever loved a corgi.
Forward from my friend with the lost Cardigan:
Yes, Jessie the female cardigan welsh corgi has been found on Dec 13th
from Kathleen, Ga. I would like to say Thank You for all your help.
She's back home in Illinois. Thin, broken leg but she's back home!!!!

Once More We Thank Each Of You for your help

Wow!!!! How awesome, what a relief!!!! What a Very Merry Christmas this will be!!!!! I am SO happy for you. : ) : ):):) Lance and Family
Thank Goddess!! I'm so glad to hear the cardi made it home!!!


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