On Nov 26th about 2:30PM while visiting from Illinois for the Thanksgiving holiday, a door opened and our Cardigan Welsh Corgi “Jessie” darted out the door. She’s 4 years old and only 21 lbs.

She was last seen in the Sweet Bay Rd. area of Kathleen, GA. We found her collar and she does not have a microchip.

We have talked to people outside and if we see them in the homes. We have put up posters and will print and hang more on Sunday.

Anyone who lives in the Kathleen area please be on the lookout for this pet. If any of you can do an active search, it would be very much appreciated. She could have traveled pretty far since Wednesday or could have been picked up, so please keep an eye out wherever you live. Please call the numbers below if you see or hear anything about “Jessie”.

Dann – (478) 396-9449 or Kerri (309) 737-4160

We thank everyone very much for anything they can do to help. We really miss Jessie and want her to come home!!

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Oh thank goodness!
I am SO happy to hear the great news, so happy that I've got those "happy tears" flowing!

Hallelujah, Jessie is home!

Do you know where she was found, how far from the home she darted from, etc? Jessie's family must have been ecstatic to get the wonderful news, after nearly three weeks missing.
She is skinny, dirty, and has a broken leg but is going to recover. Nothing a lot of love can't fix. We all joined in a circle to praise god for bringing her back to us.
Teresa. I am so thankful for your happy ending. Sending out lots of Corgi Love!!!!!
oh my goodness. i started to read this and almost started crying, i was hoping i'd see a comment saying she was found!!!! thank GOD. winston gets out rarely but when he does he is FAST... well thank goodness she's home and safe with her family.
I am SO happy you found her! What a miracle for the holidays. What a relief that she is home and safe with her family again.
Now THAT's a merry Christmas :) I'm so happy for you :)
So Happy to hear she's home! MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU ALL!
I don't know if there has been an update about 'lost Jessie', but GOOD NEWS!!! She was found - the story is one that is made for the movies !! Her 'Mommy" came down to GA for the last time - hunted for her again (there had been sightings) and just a few hours before she had to board the plane for home, she took one last look (really a walkabout) in the woody field and there she (Jessie) was!!!! It was meant to be. The dog had been lost for about 3 weeks!!!

It gives me chills. It is a longer story about how Lilly and I got involved, but it really comes down to the fact that we are corgi people!
Oh WOW!!!! How awesome is that, and what are the chances, it send chills up my spine! So glad she was found, such a happy ending. : )
good luck finding Jessie... im so sorry :( i hope you the best.
oh wow she was found! yay! thats so great. i was just reading the story and i was so sad. i looked at the comments and felt so much better!!
Thanks God! I am so happy for you and Jessie!!!


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