Before I taught Sadie the "speak" command she wasn't extremely verbal and would only speak every once in a while. She has since mastered the "speak" command and even offers it when she sees treats around.

Although, she is now a crazy barker! She barks non-stop! If we are playing with her toy, and I look away for one second she will bark, if I am not paying attention to her she will bark, if she feels like she needs attention she will bark, she barks for everything!

I have been trying two techniques to get her to stop barking when I do not want her to: (1) ignore her (2) tell her NO. Both of them do not seem to work, she will be quiet for around a minute or possibly longer but then continues to bark again!

Does anyone have any tips or tricks to get a dog to STOP the insane barking?!

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What worked for me was spraying her with a water bottle. When I did this I used the command "quiet". She used to bark to even the washing machine. Not anymore. I didn't yelled at her. I also put my finger in my lips (as in "silence please"). She learned to recognize. We are still working on it, but it so much more manageable now. Good luck.
The puppy training class at PetSmart taught these 2 methods:
1) Spray bottle. When she barks spray her and say "quiet" or "no". I was told most dogs will stop after doing this for a few days but I guess Steve is an exception because he LOVES water and would actually want me to continue spraying him. If I set the bottle down he'd bark until I picked it up and spayed him and then he's get quiet - go figure...

2) Coins in a can. When she barks shake the can (it'll be quite noisy) in her face and say "quiet" or "no". It will startle her at first and if you continue doing this she should stop barking. This worked quite well but the coin in the can noise was getting quite annoying for me...

Just be consistent with the command you use so she can associate it with the consequence. The one fool-proof method for my boys is when I tell them "quiet" or "no" and leave them downstairs. Steve especially hates being alone so when I come downstairs after a few minutes he's the sweetest angel and will not bark for the rest of the day.
My corgis are both pretty good about being relatively quiet, but I have this problem with my border collie! She's always been very expressive vocally even as a little puppy, but this is just ridiculous! Barking if she needs to go out, barking if she wants us to throw her toys, barking if we're paying attention to something else, barking if she can't find a certain toy, barking if she wants food, and so on. I just started implementing a spray bottle, and I'm hoping it works because she's otherwise a wonderfully behaved dog and this is the only thing that drives me a little crazy with her. Good luck with Sadie!
Ours barks for everything it seems too, as soon as I sit on the couch hes barking at me!!!! We have used the spray bottle but it doesnt seem to have much effect as he can just run away or drink it!!! One day out of the blue when he was barking and I was sitting on the couch I asked him if he wanted to go take a bath, which he tolerates but isnt a big fan of them. He went and laid down in another room and stopped barking!!!!! So I would contiously use that phrase over and over when he was obssesively barking at me on the couch and he then started jumping up on the couch snuggling with me, LOL, he cracks me up!!!!

Is he getting enough excercise, maybe he just isn't tired out and that is his way of trying to tell you?
LOL, silly Lance.
When Sadie starts barking say, "Good Speak" but do not give her a treat. Then say "Quiet" and if she stops for even a second, give her a REALLY YUMMY treat. You want to teach her that "Speak" is still a command she should pay attention to, but "Quiet" is a REALLY GOOD command that equals a REALLY YUMMY treat! If you have a treat and she starts to bark, wait until she stops, then give her the treat. If you give her the treat while she's barking she learns barking = treat, so she'll keep doing it. It can be a slow or fast process, depending on how food motivated she is. Good luck!
My dogs all love to "talk". Besides playing ball and eating, it's their favorite thing to do. Sometimes the water bottle works. The problem I have is our sheltie barks at everything and anything and a water bottle isn't always handy. Shelties are such notorious barkers that they are often debarked. I haven't done it but many sheltie people do, especially if they are a breeder and have neighbors. My corgis really like to bark as well - our house can be extremely loud. When Daddy comes home from work I could use some earplugs, Maybe I should put a bowl of earplugs at the front door instead of a bowl of mints!
Well I have enjoyed reading these tips. I have an Aussie who loves to bark at the neighbor dogs through the fence. To be fair he doesn't usually start this they do and then he thinks he needs to answer them. Now that the weather is nicer I try to make them go out in the yard more often but he gets so busy barking that I end up brining him in. We had one complaint about our dogs barking back in February from a person on the street behind us. I even resorted to a bark collar which worked on my female corgi, she only needed it for a couple of weeks and now she will quit barking when you tell her too. But my aussie has too much hair on his throat I think so it doesn't work. My male corgi likes to bark too but mainly when he is trying to get the other dogs to play, and at only one of the neighbors dogs, and sometimes when he is in his crate. I have tried the bark collar on him too and it worked for a while but then he figured out that if he kept barking it would stop shocking him because it will only shock them a few times then shut off for 3 minutes or something. I am going to try the spray bottle for barking in the house but I would like some better ideas for the barking outside. I don't like having to always make them come inside or go in their crates so that it is quiet for awhile.
I'm going to try this Kerry. Freya has been driving me nuts with her sudden need to bark at everything and nothing. I'm fine if it is during play but when I walk her she just barks her little head off at nothing! I may also try this water bottle technique but I'm not sure if it will work--she loves the rain.
We have one barker and one not. But we used to be boaters and it is a real problem if your dog barks at everyone that walks down the dock so we always said NO to barking at people walking by. Even our barky corgi figured out he was not supposed to tell us about everything. If needed I would leash him but that was when he was a lot younger. Now that we are camping, people complement us all the time on how quiet our dogs are. He does still bark greetings though. I think he has been rewarded by getting attention for it. If we had been more consistant with that I think we would have been successful. If all else fails I throw a magazine by him (not at). You can tell I am not a professional! (it does work though)
Quiet is definitely a good command to teach concurrently with speak. You're already halfway there if she knows speak so well! I always paired the two together. After a good speak, I would request a good quiet as well. It helped teach him that speak is okay as long as quiet happens soon after!


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