I thought I'd wait awhile before posting anymore questions about Tuesday's behaviour until I had owned her for a months. We adopted her in June. She was a 2 year old stray, and she is a Corgi mix.

Now I totally love my dog. She is truly perfect for our little family. But I do worry about her. We go for daily walks, at least 30 min. Most of that is spent off leash, where she runs and sniffs about to her hearts content. However, when we get home, all of that energy dissapears. She will basically sleep/doze untill 5:30 when my husband gets home. She gets all excited to see him, and then 15 min later she is laying around and dozing again.

If she gets her second walk she is all energies outside but super mellow when we get back. Goes to bed at 10:00 and gets up at 7:00 (she's crated). That's it. Not sounding super fun for her, is it?

She knows how to fetch but rarely shows interest in doing so. She'll do anything for a treat, but I notice she's starting to get hefty and I don't want a weight problem on my hands. Any suggestions?

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I think your dog's behavior is totally normal; Cesar Millan (www.cesarmillaninc.com) talks a lot about dog psychology and the normal "pack behavior" is to exercise - usually hunting - and then rest. That's why he recommends walking a dog for at least 30 mins beforehand any time it has to be left alone in the house or crate or backyard; so its natural pattern can be activated of exercising and then resting, which should mean that the time you have to be gone from her is least anxiety-provoking for her b/c she's ready to relax.

It's the higher energy dogs that need more maintenance in this area to keep them from tearing up the house, yard, etc out of boredom and excess energy. Sounds like you got lucky! :) Best of luck and take care.
After reading some of the posts, I think that Tuesday's mellowness is probably a combination of things. Her personality is probably a more subdued one, but I think the two years she spent who knows where has a lot to do with it also. When we first got her, she spent 100% of her time trying to stay out of the way. Never made a peep. Cowered a lot. And was terrified of all men.

Now she's a lot more happy. Makes peeps :) And just loves my husband, brother, father and pretty much all other men (except one that we walk by in the park.) She does love me. She follows me everywhere. Is content to sit on her chair at the end of my bed when I'm sick. Is a great friend. Thanks...


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