My beautiful baby left us today.,.I let the girls out to pee this i do every morning. a couple minutes later i hear a commotion, i rush outside and my two girls are fighting a pack of coyotes. i saw them take lucibelle. in my heart i thought i would never see her againi chased them and tried to get her back but my dad was yelling---lucy is dead get the other dogs, so i turned my attention to neeka .. We leashed neeka up to go look for then den a couple hours after----and she led us right to lucy. who was alive. We rushed her to the emergancy vet...unfotunatly a couple hours later we made the decision to let her go when we were told she had severly severed her spinal cord and woul dmost likely ever heal. I held her, and cried when she fell asleep. and buried her next to riley. I am beyond distraught. but i am also releaved neeka brought her sister home to me so i could lay her to rest and know where she is at all times. It is a miracle that she was alive, we believe when we went looking for her without the dogs we came close to where she was and scared the coyotes away. I got to hold her, and kiss her and let her know how much i loved her and i guess that was the best i could ask from the situation. I have never felt so much pain or missed anyone so much in my life. I feel like i lost a part of me today. she was truely my best friend and the best dog a girl could ask for.

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Alynne, I am SO sorry. What a tragedy...I am crying for you and Lucibelle as I try to write something..anything...but there are no words. Except I am so sorry this happened. Hug Neeka for me.
Deepest sympathy. My thoughts and prayers are with you. <3
=( I'm so sorry to hear this. It honestly brings tears. Such a tragedy. Our prayers are with you and Neeka. Hugs to both of you.
Oh, how awful! I cannot imagine your pain and helplessness in seeing this.

What a tragic warning to us all. So many of us let our dogs out in the yard alone at night, or in the morning or evening. Even a small dog will chase coyotes; my aunt can't leave her Jack Russell out at night because of coyotes. And they can even be found in surprisingly urban areas. A lone coyote will likely run from a dog, but a pack.... well, they will, sadly for us, defend what they see as an assault on their territory.

I am so, so sorry for your loss. I'm a bit teary myself.
i agree. i always knew there was coyotes out here but we never really thought they would come close enough to the house to attack. they were waiting in the trees when i let the girls out, judging from the tracks they have been stalking our house for at least a week.the snow has started to fall and they are hungry and cant find as much prey anymore. i wish i could have found out another way....i miss her so much it hurts to breathe.
so please please please don't make the same mistake i did.

Neeka had nightmares all night....i cuddled with her. im also super paranoid to let her out...she now only goes outside to pee when she is on a least with me. and im jumpy the whole time. i dont feel safe in my own home anymore. i miss her, thank you everyone for your kind words.

I also use a blinking collar at night even if I'm out reasoning is a coyote will be afraid of something blinking and less likely to attack and I can see the dogs...I have a Aussie I let out 1st too...maybe it's all in my mind that this will scare them...but I can hope! Take care!
Poor Neeka! I'm sure she misses her sister horribly.

I know it's small consolation now, but maybe later you will find some tiny comfort in the fact that Lucibelle went out in a way that is so primal it long predates domestication: she was defending her pack's territory. Her adrenaline was probably so high that she likely felt no pain and little fear.

Brave to the end, bless her heart.
I am so sorry for your loss! What a terrible thing to have happen. At least you were able to let her know she was safe in the end and say goodbye!
Oh I am sooooo sorry for your loss...we have coyotes around here too and it scares me all the time. I am glad you were able to say "good bye" to your Lucy! My thoughts and prayers are with you and at least you know where she is...not alot of comfort but some...I hope! Take care!
I am terribly sorry, It is horrible when these things happen. We are thinking of you. Hug Neeka tightly and remember the good times.
We are sooooo sorry for your loss! Our hearts ache for you. Please know that your are in our thoughts and prayers.
omg i am very truely sorry to hear that. What a tragedy. I am crying right now just to hear this. I can't imagine your pain and Neeka. Feel better <3<3


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