My beautiful baby left us today.,.I let the girls out to pee this i do every morning. a couple minutes later i hear a commotion, i rush outside and my two girls are fighting a pack of coyotes. i saw them take lucibelle. in my heart i thought i would never see her againi chased them and tried to get her back but my dad was yelling---lucy is dead get the other dogs, so i turned my attention to neeka .. We leashed neeka up to go look for then den a couple hours after----and she led us right to lucy. who was alive. We rushed her to the emergancy vet...unfotunatly a couple hours later we made the decision to let her go when we were told she had severly severed her spinal cord and woul dmost likely ever heal. I held her, and cried when she fell asleep. and buried her next to riley. I am beyond distraught. but i am also releaved neeka brought her sister home to me so i could lay her to rest and know where she is at all times. It is a miracle that she was alive, we believe when we went looking for her without the dogs we came close to where she was and scared the coyotes away. I got to hold her, and kiss her and let her know how much i loved her and i guess that was the best i could ask from the situation. I have never felt so much pain or missed anyone so much in my life. I feel like i lost a part of me today. she was truely my best friend and the best dog a girl could ask for.

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We were both fine, thankfully. It was an irresponsible owner who hadn't trained his dog and had him in our neighborhood off the leash. I was honestly more upset at the owner for being so irresponsible and then not even asking if we were ok!
It sounds like you gave your Lucy a wonderful year that she probably never even imagined was possible. I'm sure she will be eternally grateful to you for that.
i just got chills... i am so so so sorry for your loss...


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