Can anyone help me with an issue that my Pembroke has? He just can't stop itching his ears/face. We currently have him in a Comfy Cone when we can't watch him to make sure he's not scratching. Per the vet he's on Benadryl 2x a day for allergies. I have noticed the itching is worse for him when my allergies are worse, could it be allergies? I just had him at the vet, who didn't find any issues with his ears.




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And definitely no fleas or mites?   Or a kind of bacteria?  Pazu has some black bacteria under his belly that caused him to itch.  He had to be put on antibiotics.
We just had him at the vet. He was tested for fleas and mites. He was recently on a round of antibiotics too to rule out bacterial infection.
Hi Susan, yes it could be, get him tested and get to the root of the problem.


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