Bella is getting a surgery next Tuesday for, as you already might know, to remove her many bladder stones that are unable to dissolve. In the meantime, the doctor gave us a bottle of pills and an OK to go to Lake George with her. She is normal, happy, comfortable and her infection is going away, except she hasn't pooped.

She usually poops about twice a day, but so far, she hasn't even attempted. She's eating normally, so she has to have at least a little waste in her, but she hasn't gone all day. It's early evening right now, so maybe she'll go on one of her night walks. But i'm pretty sure that these pills are making her stools a bit hard to come out.

I am not very worried, but I was wondering if you guys had any suggestions on how I could loosen her stools so she can pass them easier. We are on the road for about 2-3 hrs tomorrow with her, so I wouldn't to loosen them TOO much where she has diarrhea on the car ride upstate!

Thanks! ~Madeline 

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I would give her some canned pumpkin..not the pumpkin pie mix one..just plain canned pumpkin.   I would start with a tablespoon..and she how she does from there.  That amount wont give her the runs..but just up it a little at a time by a tsp maybe from there.  I also wouldnt feed a meal right before a car ride.  Hope this helps you out!

I've never had to worry about that with a dog but had major problems with a cat and I also used pumpkin in his food.

If you pass Kingston on your way beep the horn and wave!

Green beans...not sure. Maybe add warm water to the food, I have done this to make sure Sage getsenough water.

Give her some extra fiber in a dog-safe form that she finds tasty. Kaylee had a similar issue and canned pumpkin helped us out a lot. For her, intense exercise also seems to help (frisbee, fetch, etc.)


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