Hope you all had a good Christmas.

My guys got a talking toy that seems to be the favorite. It starts off panting, that gets their attention. Then they bark and the toy barks and wriggles it's tail.

It snowed here last Friday & Saturday about 20" on the ground. Fortunately it was fluffy but we still have to make trails for them. Hey a natural fence! All I could see was ears romping around. There's still a foot of it on the ground and now it's raining. This should be good!

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Sounds like a great toy! All we got was rain so it looks a little grim out right now.
We have about the same and the snow is VERY heavy! The dogs love it!!!! I do too but enough is enough as we have a block long driveway...yup...the bonding experience has been long enough... Merry Christmas and did I mention they're predicting this for New Years too?????


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