Mia hasn't been herself the last couple of days and I don't know what happened... is this normal?

Mia is always full of energy and constantly playing and all over the place. As soon as we call her to eat she gets all excited and devours her food as if she’s been starving for days.

Since about a week she’s been acting very different. During meal time she looks at her food and just walks away and she won’t eat it unless we’re right there with her or if we add treats to it. She doesn’t seem as playful as she use to be (just a week ago) – for example she won’t really come and ask us to play anymore unless we start... and even at that she doesn’t act as hyper or happy like she usually was. Everyone in my family noticed it; my mother was away for a week and the first day she came back she asked me almost right away what was wrong with Mia and that she was acting very differently. She just seems like she doesn’t have much energy. On May 4th she’ll be a year old so she’s still considered a puppy. She’s not overweight and she eats healthy dog food (Natural Balance – Sweet Potato & Venison Formula). When we bring her to the dog park she's still pretty much herself and plays as usual. But at home, during meal time and when we bring her out for walks she's just not her usual self. She doesn't play as much and sleeps way more than usual.I just don’t understand what happened and how she changed so drastically... pretty much overnight.

Is this normal? Has it happened to you? And would you have any advice?

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Sage is 13 months and is not interested in her food right now. She will eat in her kennel...slowely...and sometimes by the other dogs but she is not acting different any other way. I just thought with the food it is a phase...


Is she pooping ok?  Sorry don't have much advice. Keep an eye on her and maybe get her to the vet if she's not getting better in a few days.

she needs to go to the vet. If she is not eating and seems lethargic it could indicate a problem. She should be checked out, have the vet do a full physical exam, and she may need bloodwork. As for food, do not add anything to her food. If she doesn't eat, pick it up and offer it again later. You will start to create a picky eater if you start adding treats and yummies to her food if she doesn't eat. She will eventually learn that if she refuses food something better will come along, this can create MAJOR eating problems as she gets older.
I would have her seen by your vet. A young dog being suddenly lethargic and uninterested in food is definitely something I would get checked out.
Definately take her to the vet. My 13yr old Sophie went thru this last year. She had contracted a bacteria in her intestine that is often found in puppies. It's serious and needs to be checked out. If it is that, she'll get a high dose of the antibiotic for a few days then tapered off. And she could not be near other dogs. They get this from other infected dogs or being near or sniffing infected dog feces. Sophie had been at a doggie day care in the company of puppies and I believe it's where she contracted it. Same symptoms, one morning woke up and wouldn't eat...for two days...very tired. Very important to take her to the vet. Good luck!

I took Mia to the vet this morning and the Dr. said that she has a small fever but nothing to worry about. He just told us to take care of her - make sure she drinks a lot of water eats and rests.

Thank you everyone for all your help!

Thanks for the update! Get well soon Mia!


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