Okay, so this isn't my Corgi, it's my Mini Aussie, but perhaps someone may have some advice. We have had him for a year and ever since he has slept through the night, even as a small puppy. Typically he wakes me up around 6 in the morning so I can let him outside to potty. Lately, however, he has been waking me up around 1 or 2 in the morning whining and obsessively licking whatever part of me he can touch. I usually get up to let him out, and it seems like he has to go because he bolts to the back door. But then maybe a few hours later he will wake me up again the same way, whining and licking. During the day he acts completely normal, only needing to go out 3 or 4 times. And I ALWAYS let him outside before we go to bed and I watch him until he goes. I am starting to think this might not be about the need to potty but more maybe a cry for attention. Also, there have been a few strange episodes, most often happening in the evening, where he will be napping beside me and then suddenly jolt awake, pee himself involuntarily, and then crawl into my lap terrified and shaking like a leaf. It is as if he had a bad dream or something. He also would lick obsessively after on of those "dreams" or "episodes". but in the middle of the night he doesn't really display any of those symptoms except the licking. He isn't shaking and he never has an accident on the floor. I just don't know? He just started this behavior out of the blue and I am at a loss. My husband and I have had the most broken sleep because of this and we are all exhausted. Has anyone had a similar experience with their dogs? Or any advice?

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A trip to the vet for a check for a UTI might be in order. UTIs can cause pain on urination, sudden need to urinate, and the need to go out more than usual. A check wouldn't hurt. They will need a fresh urine sample, just be prepared with one.

He could have anxiety as well.  Sometimes Lilly needs to be close.  A couple of nights she has also gone completely under the covers for a while.  She does have anxious peeing occasionally.  She is in a new situation, or something is going on and so she holds it and then, well, she just pees.  I feel bad for her too, you can tell by her face it was a total accident and she is so ashamed.  I do agree with Miss Karen though, a trip to the vet to check stuff out wouldnt hurt a bit! 

My cocker spaniel will get under the covers and will stay until I get him out. After that he will put his head on the pillow and curl up with me.

I didn't even think of a UTI, that is possible. I scheduled a vet visit for this afternoon. Maybe they will be able to tell me something maybe not. it is definitely worth checking. If it's anxiety I'm not sure what could be causing it. I have thought about it and I don't know if anything has changed, hmm. Thanks for the advice, hopefully the vet check will help the poor guy.


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