Hi all, another food question! I already have done a lot of research as to what kibbles I am wanting to try with my puppy (BB Freedom, TOTW, and Canidae are top choices) and know that I will need to slowly transition her to the new food. Another thought came up about feeding was whether or not to include any sort of wet food in to her diet. My thinking was not only would it make her food a little more appetizing, but I can offer her a variety of different flavors in the wet food while still saying on the same kibble so that she isn't getting tired of eating the same thing every meal. I was thinking of only including the wet food in her breakfast, and then just kibble for the rest of the meals

Pros: variety, increased appeal to my dog, better quality ingredients in wet food, longer shelf life

Cons: cost, slightly less convenient, have to refrigerate after opening

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Just remember, fussy eaters are made not born. Dogs really don't care about the flavors as much as we think they do and as much as the advertising people would like us to believe. They will eat the same thing day after day and be very happy. Just feed a good quality food at regular times and you will have a happy, healthy dog. Don't worry about adding flavors and variety.

Very true! So sticking to a high quality kibble will be fine?

Yes indeed!!

My thought is the same as Karen's. Feeding variety just makes for a picky eater. Dogs don't get tired of their food like humans do and dogs don't need variety. If you find a good, tasty kibble your dog will devour it happily everyday. Franklin was on BB for a while but he never really cared for it and just quit eating for 3 or 4 days so I switched to TOTW. He LOVES that food and has been eating it for about 3 years now. Its affordable and he's always liked it and every couple of bags I will switch the variety (I mostly do this due to the ongoing debate of how much protein a dog needs. I figure if I switch back and forth between the higher and lower protein it will all average out in the long run! Lol).

TOTW is my second choice food wise. I will also be able to get that through my work at a reduced cost so price isn't the issue as much as just deciding what to go with! I've fed my cat blue for years and really trust the brand. While it may not be the best out there, I want to stick with stuff I can order through my work to help save some money. So Blue and TOTW are the top contenders for me. Did you have issues with the protein level in the TOTW for your puppy?

No issues with TOTW. They make a puppy formula now as well as adult formula. Biggest issue I had was with BB. It gave Franklin soft poo most of the time and he hated the "life source bits" which contain all the nutrients. He eats out of a treat ball and I would find the life source bits all over the house it looked like a bunny came in and pooped all over my house lol. I decided to get a food where all the nutrients were included in each piece of kibble instead of isolated to a piece that my dog won't eat.

Did your boy ever not like the duck aka Wetlands, formula? I gave Buddha some and neither he or Maddie would eat it. I had to use it as treats for months since I bought a 5# bag! But they loved the Canidae Pure Sky (duck, turkey and chicken I believe) weird huh? I was just wondering.

I don't think I've ever tried that one. We usually switch between the fish variety and the bison. We have tried the lamb and he liked it ok but wasn't super thrilled. When I first put him on BB I used the duck variety, maybe that's what he didn't like? I know he doesn't care for the duck pill pockets lol. 

Don't waste your money on canned food.  Stick to good quality kibble.  If you choose to add to it, there are many foods from your own diet that can be safely and beneficially added in small amounts, such as yogurt, leftover meats, egg or cottage cheese. Alternate with plain kibble and decrease the amount of food if the dog starts to eat less.  You don't want to create a finicky eater.

This is what we do.   Mixers include yogurt, scrambled eggs, cottage cheese, tinned fish (in moderation because of the salt) like salmon, sardines and mackerel.   Sometimes green beans or pumpkin if they are on a diet (which is seldom these days since I finally learned the trick of monitoring their weight by eye every few days and adjusting food accordingly).

Bits of human food are cheaper than canned dog food, and it's easier to know what they are really getting.  

My dogs are voracious eaters, so I don't worry about them getting picky.

Awesome! Thank you so much. I will definitely be sticking to a high quality kibble, but I will use some canned food to stuff kongs occasionally.


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