Since my last post about Finnigan's hips several months ago, I have noticed that his hind legs are becoming stronger. He's doing things he would not normally have done such as running up the stairs, climbing up on things and standing on his hind legs. He has also been limping less often. When he comes out of his crate he's a little stiff and may have a very slight limp for a few steps, otherwise he doesn't limp unless he's had a lot of activity. If we spend a couple hours at the dog park or he's at my Mom's playing with her Cardi non-stop I'll notice a limp which is more predominant after rest. It usually is gone after a day or two.

 Recently, I keep thinking I hear a sound coming from his hips. I notice it at night usually when I am sitting on the couch and he walks by. It's almost like a faint, low, popping sound. I've tried to determine if it is indeed coming from one of his hips but it's hard to tell. Could this be a progression of dysplasia? Is there something we should do?

 It just so happens I was noticing the sound again last night and this morning the specialist I spoke to on the phone before called to see how he was doing since when I talked to her several months ago he had been limping on and off for a month. The tech was going to let the Dr know how Finn is doing and she may call me. I told her I cannot afford to bring him in for an exam if that plus x-rays is going to cost $500. If there is something they can do other than surgery that would benefit him that would be one thing but if they are going to do an exam then tell me his best option is a surgery we can't afford, then what's the point in going?

 I'm concerned about whether or not his hips are getting worse. His legs getting stronger was encouraging but now this popping sound has me worried and I just don't know what I can/should do.

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I am no expert Alice but I would think the stronger he is the better no matter what! My rescue Wiley limps when she get out of her crate and she has some arthritis. Good luck and I'm glad that he is improving and able to do more!
That was my thought too. I was thrilled to see he was getting stronger and limping less easily and for shorter periods of time, but then this sound appeared and made me wonder if it was getting worse or if that sound could be caused by something else unrelated to his hips.
My vet is PennHIP certified and it's reassuring to talk to someone who's familiar with our breed, last year PennHIP was offering free screening for corgi owners, I'm not sure if they are still doing it but there are 2 PennHIP vets in your area, it doesn't hurt to email them for more info too. Good luck! Let us know how it goes :)
Thanks Sam, one of those listed is actually the specialist I've been in contact with over the phone. She was kind enough to call and talk to me a while back when Finn's limping came on suddenly and came and went with no apparent cause for a month. She knew we couldn't afford to come in so she talked to me on the phone and gave as much advise as she could. She owns a Pembroke and she was surprised that Finn's hips were a problem at such a young age and said if it persisted or got worse we would need to bring him in for x-rays to make sure nothing else is going on. It went away and has only returned occasionally as a mild limp but now with this noise I'm not sure what to think. If they didn't have to take more x-rays it wouldn't be so bad but since his x-rays are from when he was 8 months old I'm sure they'd want new ones that would show if he's developing arthritis. I'll let you know if the Dr calls me and what she says.

Does anyone have or know of any Corgis that have undergone hip surgery of some sort (THR, TPO or FHO)?
Hey Sam, I know this is older post but hoping you will see this. What exactly does PennHIP vets do? Mickey has possible, torn ligament (we have to find out if its partial or fully torn) but he basically can not do any exercise without limping now..sometimes holding one leg fully up in the air, it usually calsm down within a few minutes but he continues his limp for a day or two. Would it be best to see a vet who is certified with PennHIP, even if its not his hip..would they have more knowledge on torn cruciate ligaments?
Here's everything you need to know about PennHIP, there's 3 PennHIP vets in your area, this one is the most current one.

I got to know a few PennHIP vets in FL and Toronto, I like the fact that they "know" corgis, they know their stuff and took time to answer all my questions. One of them became my personal vet and we've since established a rescue relationship with the practice. I can't say every PennHIP vets are good, but at least the ones I met and the research staff on campus were impressive.

I don't follow all discussions and don't subscribe to replies, next time you can private message me directly :)
The Vet that did Sidney's surgery is on the list. Wonderful doc, really knows what he's doing. Thank goodness we had access to a PennHIP vet.
I have not heard from the specialist (can't really blame her, it's not as if we've ever even been in her office so her calling to check up on Finn was extremely kind) and I don't want to call her until we have every intention of bringing him in. That won't be until we can spare a few hundred dollars. Whether or not we will opt for surgery in the future I don't know, but I would still like to here what a specialist has to say and she, also being a Corgi owner, would hopefully take into account the way Corgi hips are and not be overly dramatic. I'd like to see x-rays to compare to his previous ones and see how quickly this is progressing and learn what to expect.

I am not one for doing surgeries without absolutely knowing that the dog cannot live a normal life without it. I don't like that TPO is done on very young pups who may never even have a problem (pain, lameness etc). I know Finn has an issue but whether it warrants hip replacement or FHO I don't know. I was reading another breeders blog which mentioned DJD secondary to HD and that is something I don't know much about and it has never been mentioned to be by the vet. It also mentions other things such as dislocation which I would like to hear about in more detail. As much as I've researched HD, there is still much I don't know. I did feel a little better after reading about the breeders dysplastic dog who is turning 15 and get's around on his own still. If anyone wants to read it, here is the link:

I know Joanna has already seen it as I saw her comment on there. Boy Joanna, you sure get around. :)
I am eeeeeeverywhere.

Actually, the Cardi world is just very small; don't worry, I'm not quite that stalkerific!

I still smell something neurological going on with him that has nothing to do with hips. He shouldn't have been so affected so young, no matter how bad his hips are. And as I said before, I would never do surgery on a Cardigan's hips. You might be able to create a cosmetic hip, but you're not solving the ligament laxity and the damage from the surgery is likely to cause arthritis later.
If it were neurological why would his hips be so far out of the socket? Could a neuro issue cause that or would one have nothing to do with the other? I know we talked about it being neurological and that if that is the case, there's nothing to be done about it but what would that mean when it comes to his hips? I am very unsure about surgery though many say he will probably need FHO later in life.

I just wish I understood better what is going on. He was weak as a puppy but gained strength and tightened ligaments and started to get around like any dog (other than not being able to jump up on things). He has always run funny, kicking his back legs to one side but when he began limping was when I became concerned. The limping hasn't really been a problem over the past couple months and I see a definite increase in strength as I mentioned above. Jumping up on things and "begging" are a big deal for him. That's a good sign, but this faint thumping noise I hear recently is throwing me off. Is he better or worse? Is his hip dislocating, arthritis developing, is it even his hips?

I agree that this started to effect him too young as do the doctors. I think that's part of why the specialist would like to see him even if we have no plans of surgery, she just wants to see that the hips really are the problem (though his x-rays are definitely bad) and not an underlying problem.

Don't worry, I don't think you're a stalker. I think it's great that the Cardi community is a close-knit one. :)
No, I think he definitely has dysplasia. I think he has something neurological IN ADDITION to the dysplasia.

I think he doesn't know (or, if he's getting better, didn't know) where his back end is; that's why he ran funny and why he didn't jump on things.

The thunking you hear certainly could be his hips but I just can't tell from across the country. I'd be very interested to know what the specialist says.
I know, I wish we lived closer. It would be nice to have someone who knows Cardis see him.

That you know of, is there anything else that would make a sound such as his back or even his front legs?

From what you know about hips, would you say that if his hips are making a sound when they weren't before that is cause for concern? I'm torn between "just let it go, he's doing better otherwise" and "it could be getting worse, you should see the specialist".

I'm definitely with you when it comes to the possibility or neuro damage. I always wondered about that between the not walking as a little puppy and the seemingly uncontrollable dribbling. He's still extremely clumsy and doesn't always seem to know that his legs are short but otherwise a normal acting dog so if there is/was something neurological going on he's improved vastly.


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