Since my last post about Finnigan's hips several months ago, I have noticed that his hind legs are becoming stronger. He's doing things he would not normally have done such as running up the stairs, climbing up on things and standing on his hind legs. He has also been limping less often. When he comes out of his crate he's a little stiff and may have a very slight limp for a few steps, otherwise he doesn't limp unless he's had a lot of activity. If we spend a couple hours at the dog park or he's at my Mom's playing with her Cardi non-stop I'll notice a limp which is more predominant after rest. It usually is gone after a day or two.

 Recently, I keep thinking I hear a sound coming from his hips. I notice it at night usually when I am sitting on the couch and he walks by. It's almost like a faint, low, popping sound. I've tried to determine if it is indeed coming from one of his hips but it's hard to tell. Could this be a progression of dysplasia? Is there something we should do?

 It just so happens I was noticing the sound again last night and this morning the specialist I spoke to on the phone before called to see how he was doing since when I talked to her several months ago he had been limping on and off for a month. The tech was going to let the Dr know how Finn is doing and she may call me. I told her I cannot afford to bring him in for an exam if that plus x-rays is going to cost $500. If there is something they can do other than surgery that would benefit him that would be one thing but if they are going to do an exam then tell me his best option is a surgery we can't afford, then what's the point in going?

 I'm concerned about whether or not his hips are getting worse. His legs getting stronger was encouraging but now this popping sound has me worried and I just don't know what I can/should do.

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The vet that I go to will make payment plans with people if they do not have all the money up front. Have you asked about that? That would still be rough I would guess because everyone is tight on cash but you could always ask. Wouldn't hurt to try.
My husband and I talked last night and have decided we'd like Finnigan to see the specialist. Whether or not we go for surgery or if she even recommends it, we'd like to make sure there is nothing else causing him a problem and get some more answers. I don't know exactly when we'll go since I first have to figure out how we'll pay for it but at least now we're on the same page. The deciding factor for my husband was when Finn started yelping last night. He did this a couple days ago but I couldn't pin point the cause and without my husband having been there he didn't think it was cause for concern.

The first time I was sitting on the couch and I picked up Finn's toy off the floor. He saw it and walked under my legs to grab the toy and once he was under my legs with his mouth on the toy he started yelping. I couldn't figure out what was wrong. I touched his legs, checked his paw and mouth and found nothing. He didn't want to play after that and it took several minutes of coaxing to get him to stop looking so pathetic.

Last night he was on the couch with us and he tried to climb over my husband. He got all the way over except for one back leg which was sticking out behind him as he tried to pull it over my husband who was laying on his side. Right then he started yelping. Jason quickly moved him and rolled him over to check him out. Other than Finn holding his tail between his legs like he'd done something wrong, there was nothing out of the ordinary.

I don't know what could be going on but I'm willing to bet it's his legs doing something. Could the hip be dislocating? The odd part was that the leg that was not yet over my husband was his left leg and whenever he limps it's his right leg. I assumed the right one was the painful one but maybe it's the left and he only limps with the right because he's overcompensating.
Yelping could also be back pain. I think seeing the specialist is a good idea, and hopefully they can work out some sort of payment plan for you. At least then you'll have a better idea what you are looking at.

In some cases, looking at something early on can actually cost less in the long run, if it's something that could worsen over time.

I'm so sorry you are having this issue with Finn. :(
A back problem had crossed my mind as well. I felt around his back and he didn't react and he still stand up on his back legs and acts normal so whatever it is must not hurt all the time. Hopefully it's not his back, i don't need one more thing to add to the list.

I already know they don't do payment plans but I'll figure something out. Thanks for your concern.
Good luck Alice and Finn! Like Beth said sometimes it's better and less$$$$ to find out sooner!
If there is something wrong I definitely want to know now. If they are just going to say, yes, it is his hips and unless you want to get him surgery there is nothing you can do, then it may be a waste of money but we won't know unless we go.
I called the specialist to get an estimate (I lost the paper I wrote it on back in October) and to see how soon they could see him. They could see him Saturday 3/6 and they are quoting $145 consultation and $142.80 pelvic x-ray 2 views (which I hope means that is the cost for 2 views and not the cost for each view. I didn't think about it until I was off the phone.) and that's all unless they think it's his knees then they'd have to do more x-rays which are around $80. They said the pelvic x-rays will also show his back and they do not usually need to sedate for these x-rays. I was under the impression you had to have a sedated dog to get accurate hip x-rays but I must be wrong. Previously I thought they said it would be close to $500 for consult and hip x-rays (I probably wrote 2 x-rays at $142.80 each). I wish I could find that paper! Anyway, $287.80 is much better, plus I would get a 10% discount since I have a discount plan for Finn. I'm going to talk to my husband and see if we can get him in on the 6th. Good or bad, we might as well get this over with. I just thought I'd give the breakdown in case anyone has any input or someone down the road is in the same boat.
I paid about $90 for two x-rays for my cat at a regular vet, so hopefully the $142 is for both and not each! Of course specialists may charge more. Please keep us posted.
Good, I was hoping someone would jump in with information like that. If they are not sedating I can't see how they could cost $142 each. I realize they are a specialist but geez, we're already paying $145 to be seen! It sounds like the 2 views is a standard when x-raying. Thanks Beth!
When I got Pooh's leg x-rayed I believe it was around $80-90. Yeah, imagine how happy I was to rush him to the E.V. (Emergency vet) because I had picked him up and he wriggled right out of my hands and fell. He hooked his nail on the carpet and with all of his weight, came down on his paw. He yiped and came running right to me. I felt terrible because it was kind of my fault for not holding him better. I rushed him to the E.V. and they gave him an X-ray and took his temp and all that jazz. $387 later, he had a little soft cast that matched his collar and they told me that was all they could do. He wore is for the ride home and the second I put him down in the house, it was off and so was he. I still have his cast on the shelf in my kitchen where I keep the puppy and adult pics of him with his collars just so I have that to smile at. I miss him bunches. Sorry, got kind of carried away. I hope all is well with Finn and I'm sure it will all be okay. I understand how our little furry kids can be expensive but they are worth it. :)
I wanted to share this article I found on correct positioning for hip x-rays. I found it very informative and interesting. Of course none of these dogs are Corgis so the skeleton looks a bit different but the tips on what to look for still apply. The only one I'm not sure of is the last one indicated with the red arrows. It says to look at how much of the pelvis is covered by the leg bone. I looked up Finn's x-rays and his legs don't cover the tips of the pelvic bone at all. Other than that, our vet seems to have taken a rather good x-ray. So does anyone know if this applies to Corgis or if their structure being different effects this? it seems like for the legs to cover the pelvis as indicated, the legs would have to be practically crossed.
Actually, about midway down the page (a little less) there is one that looks Corgi-ish. The text bellow reads "The above 2 pictures are of awful positioning. The hips are bad however, and no matter how they were positioned it would not have made them look any better."


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