Since my last post about Finnigan's hips several months ago, I have noticed that his hind legs are becoming stronger. He's doing things he would not normally have done such as running up the stairs, climbing up on things and standing on his hind legs. He has also been limping less often. When he comes out of his crate he's a little stiff and may have a very slight limp for a few steps, otherwise he doesn't limp unless he's had a lot of activity. If we spend a couple hours at the dog park or he's at my Mom's playing with her Cardi non-stop I'll notice a limp which is more predominant after rest. It usually is gone after a day or two.

 Recently, I keep thinking I hear a sound coming from his hips. I notice it at night usually when I am sitting on the couch and he walks by. It's almost like a faint, low, popping sound. I've tried to determine if it is indeed coming from one of his hips but it's hard to tell. Could this be a progression of dysplasia? Is there something we should do?

 It just so happens I was noticing the sound again last night and this morning the specialist I spoke to on the phone before called to see how he was doing since when I talked to her several months ago he had been limping on and off for a month. The tech was going to let the Dr know how Finn is doing and she may call me. I told her I cannot afford to bring him in for an exam if that plus x-rays is going to cost $500. If there is something they can do other than surgery that would benefit him that would be one thing but if they are going to do an exam then tell me his best option is a surgery we can't afford, then what's the point in going?

 I'm concerned about whether or not his hips are getting worse. His legs getting stronger was encouraging but now this popping sound has me worried and I just don't know what I can/should do.

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Do you still have the link to the original discussion where you posted the photos of Finn's x-rays?
These were his originals. Remember, I had to hold them in front of window and take a picture with my camera to get them on the computer so they are a bit distorted.

Thanks! The socket thingy of his hip joint looks very shallow to me, but I have no idea what Corgis' hips are meant to look like. I know they are conformed differently than their longer-legged cousins.
Ok, I thought you might be interested in this:

A 14-year-old Corgi with arthritis in one hip. But look how shallow the socket is on her.

If you scroll down the page and click on the image, you get a much bigger version.
Thanks is a really clear pic image!
It's a Pem but a nice clear shot. I can definitely see the arthritis they refer to. Corgis do have shallow sockets which is part of why it is important that a vet knows the breed otherwise they may look at an x-ray and say it's a miracle your dog is even walking. Most Corgi hips look not so great but they are typical for a Corgi and they do just fine. Even so, I am sure Finn's are worse than the average Corgi. I can't tell if the dog in the x-ray you referenced has any better hips than him though and she's made it to 14 without surgeries, of course I don't know if she showed any symptoms before then like Finn does. After viewing that x-ray though it seems that perhaps Finn's legs should have been positioned a little father in than they were in his x-ray. I really hope the specialist is a pro at doing hip x-rays. I still don't understand how they could get a good hip positioning without sedating the dog though. When our regular vet did these x-rays Finn was sedated. That's why we opted to have them done at the same time as his neuter surgery since he was going to be out anyway.
Yes, the dog in that pic clearly has bad hips (which undoubtedly caused the arthritis) but I thought it was heartening to know she'd gotten to 14 maintaining a certain activity level and quality of life.
It definitely is. I'm glad to hear stories like that.
Beth, here's an x-ray of an almost 2 year old male Cardi. Click on the image to view it larger. He has good hips.
Thanks Alice! It's nice to have a reference for good Corgi hips. I have no experience looking at x-rays. To my very amateur eye, those look like they'd be considered good even on a full-height dog.
We are seeing the specialist on Saturday and the $142 is the total for the pelvic x-rays so if that's all they do the trip will cost $260. That's a lot considering they are not treating anything and it may be even more if they think they need to x-ray his knees. It's expensive but if we don't take him in I'll just continue to worry about it and cringe every time I hear that pop/thump sound. I'll let you all know what we find out.
Good luck to you!


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