Since my last post about Finnigan's hips several months ago, I have noticed that his hind legs are becoming stronger. He's doing things he would not normally have done such as running up the stairs, climbing up on things and standing on his hind legs. He has also been limping less often. When he comes out of his crate he's a little stiff and may have a very slight limp for a few steps, otherwise he doesn't limp unless he's had a lot of activity. If we spend a couple hours at the dog park or he's at my Mom's playing with her Cardi non-stop I'll notice a limp which is more predominant after rest. It usually is gone after a day or two.

 Recently, I keep thinking I hear a sound coming from his hips. I notice it at night usually when I am sitting on the couch and he walks by. It's almost like a faint, low, popping sound. I've tried to determine if it is indeed coming from one of his hips but it's hard to tell. Could this be a progression of dysplasia? Is there something we should do?

 It just so happens I was noticing the sound again last night and this morning the specialist I spoke to on the phone before called to see how he was doing since when I talked to her several months ago he had been limping on and off for a month. The tech was going to let the Dr know how Finn is doing and she may call me. I told her I cannot afford to bring him in for an exam if that plus x-rays is going to cost $500. If there is something they can do other than surgery that would benefit him that would be one thing but if they are going to do an exam then tell me his best option is a surgery we can't afford, then what's the point in going?

 I'm concerned about whether or not his hips are getting worse. His legs getting stronger was encouraging but now this popping sound has me worried and I just don't know what I can/should do.

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Alice, how are things going with Finn? Just this Monday night Sidney did that sudden yelping thing. Tuesday we took him to the vet and found out he has bad hip dysplasia. His left hip popped out and he can't step on his left foot. We're getting him the FHO surgery on TUesday.
That is so true. I wondered what would have happened 20, 50, 100 years ago in a case like this. Thank goodness for advances in veterinary care.
Oh my gosh! I just saw this post. So did you get him the surgery? Finn had episodes of limping and yelping and the vet did say that his hip popped out of the socket quite easily, but honestly, since he lost weight he's been so active and able to leap and bound and hasn't limped in months. I can occasionally hear his hip popping but that's it. He's very happy. We won't opt for surgery until we absolutely have to.

Tell me about Sid and his surgery though. The FHO is the one we would be doing if it came to that.
Hi Alice,
Sidney had the surgery a month ago. He just had his checkup this afternoon, and he's doing great. I've written a few blogs on the subject of his surgery, so if you go to my page you'll be able to find those and catch up. He's starting to walk on it again, but by bit. He's feeling much better than before surgery; his femur head was rubbing against his pelvic bone and was painful for him. That doesn't happen anymore!
I'm glad to hear it. I hear it takes some time and therapy but the results are good. Keep up the good work. I'll check out your blogs.


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