Murphy scratching his back leg until he yelps - ideas?

Maybe I'm making too much out of nothing, but it seems strange enough where something might be wrong.  So, I'm hopeful someone here may have seen something similar.  The current theories are allergies, growing pains or prelude to serious hip problems.  We're starting to consider bringing him to the vet to take a closer look but I thought I'd make sure it wasn't an obvious thing - or even nothing at all!

The Facts:
  • Murphy is only 4 months old.
  • When he came to us he was SEVERELY underweight (2.2 pounds at 8 weeks) and is now up to a more appropriate 11 pounds.  He has grown very quickly to catch up.
  • At 8 weeks he had guardia, hookworms, roundworms & fleas.  He has been treated and tested negative for all of them.
  • He is biting the upper part of his leg - up near the hip - on his rear right ONLY.  He will scratch until he yelps.
  • He like to sit a lot.. but maybe he's just lazy?
  • We've thoroughly checked him a number of times and see no evidence of fleas, ticks or legions... the fur is thick and the same as the rest of his coat so we don't think he has dry or flaky skin. 
  • He doesn't favor the leg in any way other then to scratch at it.  He still jumps, runs and plays hard.

Thoughts?  I hope I covered everything and thanks in advance!

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When you spread the fur apart in that region, what colour is it? Got an in focus pic you can share?
Typical injection site - wondering if he had a recent injection there. Is that what you're thinking too, Sam? If the color or the texture of the hair has changed, or the color of the skin?


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