My 6 month old corgi Rosie will not let me wear socks! Help

My 6 month old spayed corgi puppy Rosie will not under any circumstances leave me alone when I have socks on. She immediately bites, pulls and attacks my feet until I give in and sh pulls them off. Every pair has holes in them.

I know, I know, just wear shoes! I don't like to always wear shoes in the house. Ok, I know-dont wear socks! But my feet get cold!

So- I have tried the trade for a toy, a treat and a belly rub. No-she does not give up until the socks are off.

Trainer coming tomorrow...

any suggestions? Anyone else have a sock loving corgi?

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You are going to have to be firm and consistent to nip that one in the bud. It is most likely herding and corgi wanting to dominate. Jeli did that when she was really young. We firmly said "NO!" in a harsh voice, stopped walking and then gave her something else to do like sit or lie down, and then rewarded for doing the behavior we asked for. She quit doing it to me right away. She did it longer to my husband and son because they were inconsistent about how they handled it. They would get all flustered and give in. You can't. That just teaches them to be persistent longer and they will finally get their way. If your working with a trainer they will probably have some good ideas, but I think mostly you have to be clear about who is boss and that the boss won't tolerate her socks being attacked! Lol. Good luck.

That's hilarious! But the nuisance factor is high.

I second Susan: get to work on training her to leave your socks alone. One strategy is to get a clean squirt bottle that has never held any detergent or anything else and put clean, cold tap water in it. Set it to squirt rather than spray. When the dog approaches to grab a sock, give her a squirt and say NO! firmly. Do not try to bribe; she'll think that's a reward or part of the Sock Game.

thanks all-I truly appreciate your responses.

A wonderful trainer came today and boy did we learn a lot in an hour.

She suggested a cheap "behavior correction spray" from Target ($8) that she showed us how effective it was.

Its a simple short spray containing a pheromone. Not that she may really get much of the actual pheromone on her-but at least it is not bad for her. The spray stops them in their tracks and refocuses them. Then you place them in a sit-stay. Reward the sit-stay. Calmly.

I will report tomorrow!

Happy tails-


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