Hello to everyone. I am full of shame, fear, and loss (and a little anger) with deciding to re-home my 4 yr old tri-colored baby. For the last year and a half we have been dealing with dog aggression between our two female dogs. Maggie is always the victim. We have been working with a behaviorist, medications, and natural remedies to alleviate the issue (and obviously training), but the fights have become more destructive. Our most recent fight (approx 4 wks ago) resulted in Maggie needing to go to the doggie ER for a neck wound. After much deliberation, we have decided that Maggie would be best suited in another home. We have younger children who are at risk every time a fight breaks out. For the past month our house has become full of baby gates and shuffling in order to keep the dogs separate and safe. This is not fair to either of the dogs. Maggie deserves better. We live in West Michigan and are open to traveling to outside of Grand Rapids in order to secure the best home possible. This has not been an easy decision so please do not send me Negative responses..I do enough of that myself. For more information about Maggie please reply. She is a very loving little corgi who deserves a wonderful home.

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Got a text back already... she's looking:)

Keep your fingers crossed....the word is out in WI. That's all I can say for now...

Thank you so much for your help and considerations!!!!!!
Dang, wish you were closer! We've been thinking about adopting a female as a buddy for Chewey but we're all the way out in ca. Good luck! I'm sure it has to be a really hard decision but it sounds like it will be the best for all concerned! Plus, hopefully you'll find a home that will keep you posted and/or allow you to visit...
LOL....yes I wish CA was closer too!

I'm based in Los Angeles and I'm looking to get my first corgi (if i can rescue over buying a pup, I would prefer that).

I'm not sure if I'm close to the right candidate and all, but if I am in consideration, can I also ask what Maggie's energy level is? is she a very active dog or is she more of a relaxed couch potato?

Also, is it possible to post a picture of maggie as well?'


Unfortunately we are located in MI and CA would be a bit of a long haul. If you are interested in a rescue I would suggest getting in touch with a CA group ( most states or regions have groups) and they may be able to direct you to people with rescues.

From my experience corgis can be both very active and couch potatoes, our Maggie is both. Keeps up with our active kids and is just as happy curled up with her favorite toy!

I wish you luck

Thank you. I've been checking every rescue site in California all the way up to sacramento and still looking to find one eventually. I'm also willing to drive out as far as 1 state away to get my corgi but I just havne't found any of them :(

I found a few adorable ones but they're all in the east coast and the vast majority of the ones i'm seeing in california are "mixed" that look like chihuahuas or pitbull dominant mixes (i.e I can't even see a hint of corgi in them). 

I hope you find someone who can take care of your Maggie!


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