My corgi developed cloudy, blue eye(s)...please help? (Warning: LONG)

I posted a blog about the cloudy eye scare 3 days ago.  Please read it first before proceeding.

I checked the website of my local animal eye care specialist and found some information
on eye conditions.  The corneal endothelial dystrophy sounds like what Brian has.  His left eye is cloudy and blue while the whites of his eyes are red, with discharge coming out of his eye.

I did a search on the forums here on mycorgi and found this:
Supplements—need to be careful with these. There are danger in over nutrition—some vets have seen cases of corneal dystrophy (a degenerative eye condition) caused by supplements.

I started feeding Ein and Brian a new type of food, called Vital by Freshpet, which is a few days before Brian started having eye issues (I got samples of each flavor/recipe).  His old food is Canidae All Life Stages.    Could it be the high level of moisture that's causing the possible corneal dystrophy?  Is Vital food too rich for Brian?  I'm doubting the ingredients in Vital are not an issue as most of the ingredients are contained to Canidae. 

The thing that's starting to worry me even more than I already am is that Brian's right eye is starting to look blue (on day 4).  Brian's left eye is still completely cloudy and blue, and he's keeping it closed as much as he can.  :(  I read online that dogs keep their eyes closed when their eyes are in pain...

Please look at the pictures attached:
Picture #1 was day 1.
Picture #2 is day 3.- what weirds me out is that it seems to look like it's getting better.
Picture #3 is day 4 - taken tonight.

We got Brian an e-collar today to help prevent him from pawing at his eyes, since he just started doing so. 

I did another search on corneal dystrophy and the website says to watch out for ulcers, but the vet did not find any ulcers, scratches, on his eye.  And the pressure was normal too.  So, it makes me think that Brian does not have corneal dystrophy.

and this site says Pembroke Welsh Corgis are affected by the disorder (which then again convinces me that it may very well be corneal dystrophy):

I am thinking about taking Brian to the vet eye specialist instead of going back to the vet since I'm afraid the vet may have missed something despite the two tests she performed.  But I figure I'd post here first for any insight you guys may have.  It breaks my heart watching Brian keep his eyes closed with an E-collar on, not wanting to move. 

Thank you! 

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Oh my. I'm glad the vet found an avoidable cause for this eye problem. I've seen dogs wearing those doggles around and they don't look like they mind (I'm sure the first couple of tries are similar to problems with collars). I've seen them for sale in one of the dog gear catalogs and I agree, I'd be making sure he had eye protection when outside. That certainly gives us all something to think about, since our little guys are only weed high.
I cannot imagine the fear you had when you saw the good eye swelling, but I can imagine the tears of relief when you received the good diagnosis. Hugs to all of you.


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