Hi I have a 3 year old corgi. We get him toys and he plays with them. but he loves to sit down after a while he likes to eat the stuffing and chew on the squeaky toy. This would be ok with us if he didn't eat the stuffing. We are able to get the toy away so he only ate just a little. I was wondering if anyone had any tips on how to make them stop. Chewing up his toy is fine I just want him to stop eating the stuffing

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I had to get stuffing free toys. :)

That's a good idea. Ill have to go get some.

I agree, try to get the stuffing-free toys.  :)  My two absolutely love the Skinneeez toys because they have multiple squeakers and no stuffing!

Alright thank you I'm going to have to try those!! (:

No stuffed toys unfortunately. Kong makes some squeaky toys that don't have stuffing.

I've never been able to give stuffed toys to any of my dogs, nor toys with squeakers for that matter.  Mine are all  hard chewers, so I stick to the black Kong and large size smooth Nylabones.  They don't seem to chew the rope toys, so I have some of those ( they just like to toss them around ).  Anything that can be ingested can create a blockage and be dangerous.

My dogs really like the "Invincibles" toys. They still squeak even if they're punctured and there's no stuffing.

@Jane  The invincibles look nice.  My daughter is getting a Basenji puppy, do you think they would stand up to puppy teeth?

Becca has an invincible. She decapitated it. The body seems to be lasting better than he head. I like that each squeaker is sewn in its own section. She doesn't eat the stuffing, so I just clean up after her as she kills off the toys.

Stuffing: bad to eat. Squeaky thingies: choking hazard.

Don't know if these are still being made, but you might check at one of the chain pet stores: weirdly, my German shepherd, who could rip almost anything to shreds in a matter of seconds, could NOT disassemble those white fleece toys shaped like a gingerbread man. They were the only stuffed toys she could play with. She loved soft things that she could carry around; so, in addition to the fleece men, I also gave her heavy rope toys. She didn't pull those apart, either.

Nylabones are the only chew toy that my boys can't destroy. We have one in every room and our 7 year old corgi still chews daily.

Thank you for the suggestion, were going to have to try those!


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