Hey guys!
My almost-2-year-old Pembroke has started doing something weird lately. A little background - 5 out of the 7 days of the week someone is home. My family alternates working from home, and it's only Mondays and Thursdays that Ender (my Corgi) has to spend 8 hours by himself before we come back. After that we always take him on a long walk and play with him, etc...

Anyway, every morning we leave at 7am. Yesterday I noticed that Ender was nowhere to be found before leaving. Then I (on a whim) went into our computer/guest room and found him underneath the bed there. I have never seen him do this before. When we are home, he doesn't do it. And we've been leaving at 7am every morning since we got him and yesterday was the first time he did this. Then today, he did it again! He comes out when we find him there, but it's weird how he just goes under and just lays there!

I don't think he's scared or frightened - he's crate trained and I have seen him go into his crate on the rare occasion that he gets absolutely petrified. That's not what this is... he just calmly walks under the bed and plops down.

So 1 theory I have - is this an attention grab? Like "look how upset you guys leaving is making me!" This is not a dog (as far as I know) with separation anxiety. He's not destructive or whiny or anything. And he JUST started doing this yesterday after nearly 2 years of us having him.


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Maybe he just found a new spot that he really like?
Haha - did not think of that! Maybe... but he's done it 2 mornings in a row, and only in the mornings. He never does it otherwise.
Our Moira does that. She knows it's time to kennel and goes under the futon. I move their doggie stairs and tell her "c'mon Moira" and she waddles into her crate. It's really quite hilarious. It's like she's mildly protesting and then giving up in a huff. Funny dog.
Ah, that makes me feel a little better knowing that it might just be him pouting and not something else (like being scared or anxious).

Still strange that he started doing this yesterday, but I guess he found something that works (to get our attention)!
It is just his denning instinct. Yoda does it too, he hides beneath the coffee table. Dogs like to hide under cover, they feel protected and hidden. See here for more.
Incredibly helpful David, thank you! Since this is our first dog, I was a bit confused, but I guess this clears it up somewhat.

He is crate trained and has his own crate, but I guess he feels like exercising other options? I guess I just found it strange because he only does this in the mornings before we are about to leave and he has never displayed his denning instinct before.
Our corgi goes underneath our bed for any reason. I believe that is what he considers to be his safe spot (when he was a puppy, it used to be the dining room table) since no one can get to him. If he is scared, wants to sleep or have some alone time, he will hide underneath our bed. I personally think it is pretty cute because I always know where to look when I can't find him anywhere else in the house.
Can't a fella find himself a good cave without everybody getting excited? Sounds normal and healthy to me.
Is Ender a Dalarno corgi from Culpepper, VA? I could have sworn I saw Ender's puppy picture on a Corgi calendar from Dalarno. He's SO CUTE!
He is indeed! He's the same one in the calendar.
Hey, we're from Dalarno too!
That picture is awesome!
Is the crate one of those metal crate that are open, or one of those travel crate that are enclosed. My pup used to go under the dinner room table instead of his crate for his quiet time during the day. I have the metal crate, so I decided to put an old bed sheet over the crate to make it feel enclosed like a den. After that, he never went under the table and always spent his quiet time in his crate.


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