My corgi is pulling really hard to go home! Any ideas?

Hi all! I'm new to the forums here and have a peculiar problem with my little girl.  

Beanie is 4.5 yrs old - we rescued her about 1.5 years ago now. She's extremely gentle and quite quiet for a corgi. Walking on leash has never been a problem - she's extremely happy to do it and follows you wherever you go.  Off-leash she's quite good too and the biggest problem is she walks a bit slow but at her own pace (we also have a golden who likes to walk a bit faster).  

Anyway - a few days ago - the strangest thing started to happen.  I'd take her outside (she was excited to go out as usual) but as soon as we get outside she just sat there (off leash).  Coaxing her with treats got her maybe 50m away but soon stopped working.  Putting her on leash resulted in her pulling very strongly to go home. She didn't put up that much of a fight after meeting resistance, but every few feet she'd try again and pull strongly to go home. (We were just walking around our building complex - quiet and no cars, just trees.)  I've managed to coax her now on leash with treats every so often but don't think that will solve the underlying problem (i don't know what it is).  

So - it's been going on a few days, and she's also starting to have accidents in the house (#1) - so far only twice.  I think this is more a consequence of the fact that she's so preoccupied trying to get home when she's out she's not doing her business, rather than a symptom.  

I thought she could have tick fever (again) - but the symptoms aren't quite right. Gums are fine. She's not tired per se - when she had tick fever she walked she just sat down a lot - and she has a fine appetite and doens't seem lethargic otherwise.  The weather has changed quite a bit recently - hot, humid and stormy - so my wife thinks maybe she's afraid or not used to it (when there was thunder before, though, she would tremble inside the house, but now it's not as if she's trembling or scared really).  We also thought maybe it was just because of the heat - last few days has been really hot and humid here, so maybe she just doesn't want to walk. 

This may not be a corgi specific thing - but any ideas or thoughts would be much appreciated!

Thanks so much!!

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UTI?   Hurts when she pees so she associates being outside with pain?   Just guessing.

That's strange, all right. Might take her to the vet. Peeing in the house, if the dog is already nicely house-trained, could indicate a UTI. Maybe she doesn't feel good and is trying to tell you she wants to go home where she feels more comfortable.

Are you in the habit of feeding her a meal when you get back from the doggy-walk? Any chance she's lobbying for dinner?

From my experience, I think UTI  is something to check out.  It's easy and should be checked or ruled out IMHO.  Good luck.

If she does not want to go for a walk and she is otherwise acting fine, I would go out with the Golden and leave her home. I would simply take her out to do her business and reward her when she does that.  Whether it's the heat, or something she is sensing outside, your efforts to have her come along are adding to the stress, which can lead to the "accidents" indoors.  Trying to correct a behavior the cause of which is not understood can lead to further problems and compound the issue. 

If it's the heat, try and get up really early one morning, when it's cooler, and see if she will go out then.  It will give you some useful feedback on the issue. Also check the temperature of the pavement with the palm of your hand, she is low to the ground and will feel that radiating heat more than the long legged Golden.

If you notice other physical signs, or the accidents continue or even increase, then I would have the Vet check her out.

BettyBoop is an 11 year old Cardigan Corgi. Dogs can sense stormy weather way before us mere humans. If you dog is afraid of thunder and lightening like Betty it is quite possible she is hearing distant thunder and is getting apprehensive. Heat is also a problem for Corgis. They have a heavy double coat. While it protects them from heat and cold, in steamy, sticky weather it is probably uncomfortable. We are having similar problems with Betty. She goes out, squats, and heads home. We don't argue with her. Usually after dark she will go for her longer walk. Basically she wants to lay in front of her personal fan and snooze.

Is there any chance she could have some hip or back issues?  I had a lab that was always game for a walk, but one day she just sat and refuesed to walk with me.  I took her to the vet and found our it was hip displaysia.  She was only 1.5 yo at the time.  They can get things quite young.  Might want go to the vet and rule that out. 

Good point susan!


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