Is this a sign of affection, or does it just mean my dog is strange?!

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Neither, dogs just like the salty taste of your feet.
Frosty licks everything skin on your he can reach...feet, hands, legs, arm, name, he will lick it. Its gross and I don't let him. My parents dog will sit and lick my stepfather's feet for hours until my mom yells at the dog to knock it off. I don't know how people can just sit there and let their dog lick them over and over and over....ick. Frosty is allowed to give one or two kisses and that is it! lol
It's call "drive by licking", take it as " I worship you " :)
I am sure it is a sign of affection. I will allowed a few mins licking but not hrs.
Ella doesn't get to lick toes even though she wants to. She prefers wet legs fresh from the shower though over toes though. Its a normal corgi thing. Take it as "I love you!"
Copper does this to me too!!! I have been told they like the taste of the salt on our skin. Drives me crazy sometimes...
I've heard it's a nervous habit. I don't mind it. Right out of the shower...can't keep them off me.
Do they jump in the shower with you? Ella has forced the door open to get her licks in before the water is all teh way off!
Oh, Nutty has jumped into the bathtub with me in it. Dont know how she managed to get that high, I must have a low tub. Cinny will just wait patiently for the first foot to come over the ledge....then lick lick lick!! I do have to lock the bathroom if I want privacy from them, because Nutmeg CAN open doors by the knob. All of my doorknobs are stratched up from her pawing at them or knawing at them.
Soffie is our licker!! She licks Dawn's feet, she licks Griffyn's face, eyes and ears!! I think she would do this forever if we would let her. But after awhile I stop her. And then she looks at me as if to say.... "what"?? "i'm not doing anything!"
This is completly normal. My Queenie will lick my feet for hours if I let her... it must be the salty taste.
I'm with everybody else. Especially Hermione is a biiiiig licker. Feet usually because she's short and that's what she can reach.


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