I've had Ein for not quite a month yet, and I was surprised to discover that he likes to dance for his food. Whenever I bring his food out, he gets really hyper and bounces around. He's overweight, and isn't exactly the most agile corgi, so this was definitely a pleasant and hilarious surprise.

Here's a video I made of his dance:

Ein's Food Dance

Does anyone else have a corgi who does something similar?

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Aww, so cute!  Hopefully you can get some of that weight off of him.  :)  Was he a rescue?  He reminds me of Sparky the way he dances!

Oh, Ellie will sometimes bounce around like that if she's thirsty and I'm refilling the water bowl.  

Yes, he's a rescue! He's currently 39 lbs, and I have him on a strict diet. 

It reminds me of Sparky's kibble dance too, haha.

haha totally like sparky!! yay!

Mine just bark like crazy at me!  Ein is Adorable!!!

I was looking at your video, and Abbey (our corgi pup) was taken by Ein  dancing for her food!  She would just toss her head back and forth, and try to get to the computer screen.  You have a lovely pet!

I love it!  Ours will spins in circles in opposite directions 1 to 3 spins I guess depending on what's in the bowl.  Pinapple chunks usually bring 3 spins.

Kirby runs laps through the kitchen and living room while I am scooping their food (his sister Kota just stands and watches me.) Sometimes he stands and watches me, and then I tell him to go do his laps, at which point he will take off running. He usually does two to three laps, and then runs to his crate.
Getting in some exercise before a big meal, haha. I wish Ein would do that to help him lose weight!

Watching this video made me remember something I had forgotten about my Bear; he used to do this same thing. :) Stinkin' adorable...


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