My corgi, Romeo may be worth $5,000.00! Lol He escaped from his crate and found his way to 2 lottery scratch off tickets possibly worth $5,000.00 each and promptly chewed them and ate them! He was looking at me like mom I couldn't resist! They were so tasty!! I asked him, what did you do? He looked at me with his BIG brown eyes and ran into his open crate.....He knows he did something wrong.....Oh well, I have always known he is worth a lot to me!!! As for the lottery ticket guess I will never know,lolRomeo looking guilty....

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I think that most of us think that of ours even if mine didn`t eat a lotto ticket




LOL!! That's too funny!


That sounds like something Chase would do!! Except he would wait and eat lotto tickets worth more than that and be like "hmmm these look yummy! Om nom nom!"
I hope they were tastey Romeo!!

Maybe they could scan him to see if you won......LOL not really......Oh Romeo you look so forlorn.....Aren't they lucky that we LOVE them so much we can't stay mad, no matter what......

You should try to redeem the shreds -- just for  the laughs --- and laughter just might be worth more than $$$.

{no, I do not really believe that, it just sounds so virtuous   :)    }

Maybe he just knew thy were not wining tickets!  Funny story. 



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