I adopted my Cardigan mix from the SPCA, and he is awesome!!! One thing though....whatever toy he has, he totally tears to pieces and puts all the pieces in a pile next to him. Is this basic Corgi behavior, or is it just my dog?

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I would say the tearing up of the toys is typical behavior...I can, so I will. I don't know about the pile (maybe he's a neat freak), as mine leave pieces scattered all over the house . But then I have Pems and maybe they're different???
There's a reason why some dog toys are made of Kevlar.
Eddy does this with tear-able toys as well. It's useless. We switched to.... anything BUT toys that can be ripped/shredded.
Hi Patricia:

Casey does the same thing. I have bought something in the house and it was destroyed within minutes. He will be 2 years next month. I have just learned to buy him tough toys made of hard rubber or rope for large dogs. Casey really goes to town on his toys sometimes. Gotta love him........
Yep, Sparty loves to tear a toy up in minutes then Izzy plays with the empty shell. We buy as cheap as possible and give them as a special treat since neither one eats the stuffing.
Ginny likes to gut her plushies too... like she's looking for the squeaky inside. All the toys we have are rubber now. It got old having to pick up al the fluff in the house.
My pure bred cardigan welsh corgi only lightly chews on her toys or gives them baths. My cardi mix rips them apart... he ripped apart this tiny teddy bear, it was Miranda's first teddy. Now it has one limb and one eye. I think it just depends on the dog. I would try rope toys or perhaps denim toys. They work well with aggressive chewers.
I hope my will put all pcs in a pile too :)
Henderson's a real stuffie-killer, which is kind of a problem, because my greyhound Stephanie has a congenital abnormality (short crooked snoot with hardly any top teeth). Poor Steph likes to pounce on & shake stuffies and to play tug-o-war with Henderson, but as soon as the game's over, he rips the toy apart! He has his own "hard" toys, but prefers to be Destructo Dog with the other dogs' soft ones.
I think part of this behavior is so he can say "Look what I did! Isn't it awesome!?"

Like Derek said our little boy Morgan likes to destroy plush toys. I don't think it's a corgi thing as much as it is a dog thing. I've had several different kinds of dogs like german shepherds, labs, chow chows, and they all liked to rip apart the adorable fluffy things that I bought them.
Well, at least he doesn't try to swallow them or throws them all over the place like mine does. I would't mind Shiro have a neat pile of toy insides or cardborad box pieces next hom instead of that.
What is it with corgis and cardboard? Morgan ate an entire corregated cardboard box and a Milkbones box, but not the Mlikbones.


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