All of my dogs are female.  That was not intended, it's just how things ended up.  We have 3 dogs, 2 of which are mini dachshunds.  My Corgi Grace has been fighting with the oldest dachshund, Ziggie, who is 11 years old.  When I got Grace, the breeder told me that she would try to test her dominance and to make sure I feed her last and to put her in a "time out" if she growls or snarls at the other dogs.  We have been doing this from the start and it hasn't made much of a difference.  In fact it's getting worse.  For example, yesterday Grace and Ziggie got into 3 fights. 

Usually they fight once every couple of days or sometimes we can go a whole week without a fight.  Whenever they fight Grace starts it 90% of the time.  Ziggie will be walking around the house minding her own business and Grace will run across the room and start the fight.  There is no rhyme or reason except for when Grace is in my room, which is kind of her kingdom. We've noticed when the other dogs go in my room Grace sometimes snarls at them to get out.

So back to yesterday.  One of the fights was in our living room.   Grace ran across the room to get her.  Then in the backyard they got into a full on fight. I happened to be outside by them with a running hose, so I hosed them down.  That worked.  Then later on in the evening Grace was in my room and Ziggie was in there hanging out.  Everything was fine.  Then out of nowhere Grace attacked Zig.  It looked like something off of Discovery Channel.  I separated them and put Grace in her kennel for a time out.  Ziggie has a scratch on her eye, a tooth hole next to her eye, a hole in her ear and a bite mark on her nose.  It was bad this time.

We've tried the feeding last thing and the kenneling thing and the tethering thing.  Is there anything else we can do to stop this?

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Sounds like she trying to be the pack leader. Do you ever watch the Dog Whisper? Watch it and learn how to be a pack leader. My female was dominate over my older dog, she prevoked a fight or two. She is possesive over my boyfriend and tried to own and guard him! I kept telling her she was a hearding dog not a guard, lol. Is Grace guarding and being possesive over you? Sounds like it. Be more assertive but calm and block this behavior. Stand over her, give her an assertive quick touch like Cesar does. Do this every time she gets snarly or growls at ziggy. Pretty soon she will know who's pack leader. Also these dogs need lots of excersise. We run ours with a harness on and bicycles. You do this and she'll be too pooped to pick a fight! Be careful these dogs are FAST! Like sled dogs. Excersise , disipline , affection, and in that order! Says Cesar, Good Luck
Hi Malyssa,

Timing is everything, as soon as you see "the look" on Grace, correct her immediately. Don't let her get "fixated", practice positive reinforcement with her name. Whenever you say "grace" and she looks at you and focus on you, reward her behaviour, always associate her name with good things. When she is tethered to you, observe her, when you see her ears move, call her name, when she looks at you, treat her immediately. When Grace is fixated on other things, move you body in front of her and squat down to block her vision, say her name, when she looks at you, reward her.

Feed your dogs separately, far away from each other so that they can feel safe to have a meal. Remove the things that triggers a fight for now, practice the name game and establish your leadership first, once your authority is establish, you can throw in other things into the mix. Remember you can practice when there isn't a situation, take time out and really work on it each day, treats are cheaper than any surgery :) hire an in house trainer if needed. Good luck!
We have a 1.5 yr old female who loves to play with other dogs, just not inside the house. We tried to adopt a dog (broke my heart bringing her back) but maggie was far too territorial for it to be enjoyable for the two of them. Perhaps grace is being dominant about the house and you. I know corgis are notorious for having alpha/pack mentality. I would definitely try and get in contact with a trainer who could possibly come to your house and see them in their environment.


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