So, I have always known that corgi's have big attitudes and they get jealous easily. We have a routine around here, Copper and I. He even has his routine with Scott (my bf). He is not happy about this overnight guest. In the mind of Copper, Jasper is taking his attention and love and trying to steal all of his toys and worst of all, Copper had to be locked in his cage last night. He wasn't bad and I cannot even tell you the last time I locked him up because he doesn't need to be. The thing was though is that I thought Jasper would fit in his cage and he didn't. He was WAY too big and he had also grown since the last time I had seen him. Mind you, we live in a little apartment/efficiency and it wasn't like I could lock one or the other out of our room. So, at about 10:30, neither one of them would quit instigating the other and Copper was ready for bed but had to keep making sure Jasper wasn't playing with his toys. Jasper was fighting the sleepiness and Scott and I were ready for bed. So, as bad as I felt, Cop had to be locked up so they would calm down. He wasn't happy about it and I was really proud that Jasper slept pretty much through the night. He didn't chew anything up, didn't whine, didn't have any accidents and I even got up at 3:30 and let him out. He got a little restless after that but then he was fine. To get to where Copper is a bully, he won't share his toys for the most part. If Jasper even goes near his food, forget it. Jasper would share his food willingly without a peep but not Copper and when Jasper went to go see Cop in his cage, Cop let out a mean growl. Jasper is easily two times bigger than Copper and Copper bullies him and Jasper takes it. I think Copper is having a hard time getting used to there being another dog in HIS house with HIS mom and dad. He has been really snappy at Jasper, no one else, and he has no problem telling Jasper "back off". He doesn't really ever act like this except at my ma's house when he has his own bone and my mom's black lab tries to bully him and take it. I honestly think he's just been bullied and he's fed up so he thinks it's ok for him to do. Has anyone else ever had this problem? It makes me feel like I failed at raising a well behaved boy.

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No its always hard to bring in another dog into THEIR homes... When we brought Charlie home it took Roxi about a month to act normal. We had to teach them manner towards one another and to share a little bit but as long as they know you're in charge and what you will and will not allow in the house. Things will slowly get better.

This is a good learning experience for Copper and if you take the time to teach them how to behave things should slowly get better. It may not happen overnight.. it may not happen in a month.. but eventually it will.

Roxi is a jealous little Diva and will still push Charlie out of the way if we're petting him sometimes.. even if she was sleeping on her stoop or something lol.
My 8 year old Bucher is a bully with our rescue. I just try to give him attention like I have always done. I walk them by themselves and also will take them together. When Sally is on my lap I try to have my husband give Bucher attention. Corgis are very jealous dogs, but I try not to be too hard on Bucher because he has been with us since he was a pup and Sally just got here in December. He is doing a little better but I don't think he will every think that it's okay for Sally to get our attention and not him! I would just try to give him extra attention for a while and see if it helps.


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