I forgot to add this, in my "Why I love my pups" chat -- these are the earrings I wear every day at the hospital too.  A little Corgi vibe helps everything, I think.


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Where did you find those?  Cute!!!

A friend found them on Amazon (or so she says) -- but try as I might, I've never been able to find them myself!

I love them!! I want a pair too!!

I'm afraid those might require some explaining to those who don't know my love of the fluffy butt.  They are super cute though!

They are soooooo cute!

I think I found them, but it doesn't look like they are for sale now.  Maybe off ebay in 2008???



Let me know if anyone can find them!!

yes, those are the ones!  Gosh, maybe I have one of the few pairs out there...hahahaha. I'll ask my friend if that was the seller she found in her Internet travels.

those are so cute! where on earth did you find them?

see above -- they were on eBay and/or Amazon, but don't seem to be for sale anymore.  I got them as a gift!
Oh I wish I knew about this before Christmas! One stop shopping:)
OMG!  Those are so cute I can't stand it!!


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