Hi, Everybody.

I´ve just found this nice community and immediately signed in. I´m from Brazil ang got my puppy a week ago. It´s nice to know that such a great community exist so I can interact woth other Corgi lovers. They are very rare in Brazil. In fact, my own came from Argentina. His name is Braddock, is 12 weeks old and a very handsome little fella. He is very smart too. It just took me a couple of hours to finish potty training and he never missed again. He also learned a couple of tricks as well. 

You might have had this kind of discussion before but the thing is: He is too quiet and sleepy. I know there´s the adjustment thing but I thought he would be a little more energetic between one nap and another. By the way, some naps can take hours!! I think he could release more energy had I taken him to the street for walks but the breeder from Argentina strongly adviced me not to take him to the street (I live in a condo) until after the last vaccine shot, which is due for April 25th.

Is it normal? He doesn´t complain, growl or bark (except during plays). I want him to be a quiet little gentleman. I´m just concerned that there might be something wrong.

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Hi, everyone.

I took Braddock to the vet for a full check-up yesterday. The vet said his health is great. He checked temperature, ears, gums, teeth, lungs, heart, allergies etc. Everything is just fine. I mentioned the problem with a few fleas and asked for advice. He checked him and said he is not infested at all. I just have to keep his environment clean, vaccum regularly and never forget to use Frontline ar Advantage Max on due date. If I realize the presence of fleas I just need to shorten to use for each 3 weeks instead of 4. He said those strong environment chemical produts such as fleegard, butox, triatox etc are not very effective. You see, through the internet I read very different opinions about that.

There was a reason for concern though. He did a palping exam in his hips for HD and Braddock complained a little bit. He said even this was not normal. However, he admitted that he is not familiar with the breed (Corgis are very rare in Rio indeed). At first, I was kind of angry with the breeder thinking that he might have sent me a puppy with a problem (and I would never return him because I already developed string feelings for my little fella) but the vet added that HD reports for puppies are not reliable at all and that HD cannot be precisely diagnosed (even through X-rays) until the dog is close to 2 years old. I read before that the bone and hip structure of the Corgis are different because of their dwarfism and they may lead to misdiagnosis of HD when the vet is not familiar with the breed. Just in case, he recommended me to avoid fast runs and strong plays and keep watching. His colleague informally mentioned a surgery that cuts off the head of the leg bone so it doesn´t touch the membrane between the hip and the bone thus avoiding inflammation and pain. This is a little be frustrating. The questions are: Should I be worried about that? How should I follow this with a rational approach? What can you tell me about HD? Are they common in Corgis? What are the consequences? 

BTW, you can see a little video of him my girlfriend added to youtube after we took him to the vet. Isn´t he a cool fella or what?


Thank you so much for the update, and he sure is a cute little fellow!  I sincerely hope there is nothing wrong with his hips. Let us know when you post more videos!

That's great about the fleas and that your puppy is healthy, always better safe than sorry.

Has the breeder said anything about HD?  I know our breeder has saved a number of her corgis from unnecessarily going under the knife — and potentially causing some serious damage — for surgery that is unwarranted by vets who are unfamiliar with the breed.  Maybe ask for resources nearby from your breeder?  Or see if there's anyone, anywhere who may be familiar.  You definitely may want a second opinion, as if they're not familiar with corgi physiology, they may not even know what they're looking at.

He looks like a cute pup, though, and happy, too.  I hope it's not serious.

I would not do surgery on a puppy without multiple opinions. If you are really worried about it you can send xrays to the OFA (http://www.offa.org/pdf/hdedapp_bw.pdf). They will not give an "official" rating until the dog is 2, but the preliminary results are usually fairly accurate, and would show if he did indeed have serious HD.


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