I've caught Olive a few times in the last couple of days biting one of her nails on her left front paw. It sounds like she's chewing on something she shouldn't from the other room; it's quite loud. She isn't limping or favoring it at all, and a visual examination reveals nothing. I looked in her mouth too, and there doesn't appear to be anything other than dog breath going on in there. She has plenty of toys to chew on, though nothing hard because she destroys them in a matter of minutes. She'll be two in November. Has anyone else experienced this with their corgi? Thanks :-)

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Our rescue Tucker chews his nails!!  I think he chews them because they get too long?  We have had him since March and he doesn't sit very still at all to trim his nails, still trying to figure out the best method with him.  My husband was able to get a couple trimmed one night when he was laying down, late at night.  I try to discourage him chewing them.
Yep...Penny chews hers and I think she does it when they are getting too long.
We trim them regularly, but I'll take a look. We cut and pettipaw them or she'd scratch the hell outta the leather couch, lol


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