It is so difficult to clip Bella's nails. It's getting the point where I can't even do it myself anymore. She is terrified of the clippers. She is totally uncontrollable when I bring the clippers out. She runs, growls, snaps, and bites. Does anybody have any tips to help me with this problem? She bit my brother today, and I don't want to have to take her to the vet where they'll put a muzzle on her whenever her nails need clipping.

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I take mine to the vet because Sparty has issues with his feet being handled and Izzy is so squirmy. I also am a wimp! Sparty has had some health problems that leave him very anxious with some types of handeling and I actually think the muzzle helps him control himself better. There are others that will probably give you some ideas though.
Al is a total weenie about claw clipping. I need my wife Lori to assist me. She holds his head, keeps his forefeet crossed, distracts and reassures him. The distraction is significant, a trick I learned from my dentist, who simply pinches and wiggles my cheek when she injects the anesthetic, and I don't feel the needle AT ALL.
Might help to clip the claws only very slightly (or do mock-clipping), but often. With painless repetition, it may become no big deal for her.
It may help to hold the claw very firmly so that it doesn't twist when you clip; the twisting may not be painful, but it's a cue that the clip is about to happen (when Al flinches, it's always JUST when I'm about to clip).
Once I'm sure of the setup, the clip is lightning-fast.
I believe I cut "backwards" -- front-to-back -- the curved hoop of the clippers is NOT against the curved front edge of the claw -- this seems to cut more "with the grain". Sometimes I cut thin slices, like a salami, rather than one thick chunk.
Usually, I cut only a small piece, smaller than a match-head, only the end corner of the tip (which seems to be "case-hardened" by the wear).
Put it on the calendar, do it, say, once a week, a little at a time.
Observe the claws on a bare floor to see which ones need trimming, how often.
You could try a dremel tool.
You could muzzle her. Might be worth knowing how to improvise a muzzle for emergencies.
Always, a juicy treat afterwards.
Just out of curiosity -- what's wrong with them putting a muzzle on her?

I feel your pain about a dog freaked out about having nails clipped. Dax is impossible. I bring him to a groomer, they clip and then file his nails so they're super short and I LOVE it, and it only costs about $10 (I also get them to trim the fur between the pads of his feet, I think just the nails is like $6). I feel better about bringing him to a groomer to do it rather than getting the vet to do it, because I feel like they have a more calming atmosphere there, and the vet is associated with enough bad things.

Dax doesn't bite when we try to clip his nails, he just won't sit still and I'm so afraid that I'll hurt him that I just don't want to even try. Every dog reacts differently, though. I had to stop asking the groomer to clean his teeth because he bit one of them (they did it on two separate occasions -- he bit them both times). I clean his teeth now, and he doesn't even think about biting me, but once again, he just won't sit still, which is why I wanted them to do it in the first place.

I say let them put a muzzle on her, but I would bring her to a groomer rather than a vet to do it...
We take Oppy to Petco to get his nails cut. We just don't feel comfortable with how squirmy he gets around his feet. Last thing I want to do is have him flinch and accidentally cut the quick.
Brody goes there too. First time she asked if I felt he would need a muzzle I had no problem using one if needs be, but he he's up on the counter and I hold him, tell him to "cut it our" when he gets too snarly it goes quickly and before you know it he's licking her hand and all happy. Lilly just rolls over for her manicure.....
I've always been pretty good at clipping nails. It's just that Bella is absolutely horrified of having her nails clipped that she probably will need to be muzzled. I don't have a huge issue with muzzles, I just wish it didn't have to come to that. All my other dogs are okay with it... just not Bella. :(

I did some digging around, and I found a coupon for a Free Nail Trimming at Petsmart! :D
my vet said if we wanted to do it at home to sit down with them and prop them in tour do the front. use your left hand to trim and your right toblock their eyes. use human nail trimmers. On the back hold her facing backward under your arm and trim the back. It's works for us
There's a thread on here somewhere that mentions having someone put peanut butter on their finger to distract them while you clip. Many people said it works.
Here's my recent post on this topic. I received a lot of helpful answers!
I have trained my dogs to accept (to varying degrees) the dremel. It's not the wimpy model either. We sit comfortably on the floor and begin with trimming the hair growing between the pads and, always making sure that the sanding pad is fresh and the paw in control, begin "tapping" the nail. It's not the fastest way, but I sense control and Tasha hid the clippers from me. Yes, at the end, the best snackie in the house! A partner in crime, to distract the corgi being groomed and flush out the others from under the bed, is helpful. Yes, at the end, the best beer in the fridge!
There's nothing wrong with using a muzzle for short term control. A couple of ours need that. And they aren't scarred for life over it.

The nail clippers can be scary. Many will crush the nail and it's painful for the dog. We use the Dremel and, even though it took a bit to get them used to it, it's so much easier and it doesn't hurt.

If you have a fear of it all, take your dog to PetSmart or PetCo and allow them the muzzle. It's only for a short time and your doggie will be fine. My fear of using the vet is that the tech usually does it and uses just the nail clippers. If they cut too short, the quick bleeds and it just scares the dog more.

Also, if you feed a good, nutritious food you dog will most likely need to have nails clipped more frequently. (They grow pretty quick on good food!) Don't let them get too long because that's when it bleeds and hurts.
I bought Penny the Pedi Paws and at first she was afraid of it, but now I can just put her on my lap, roll her over and file them down with it.


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