Gizmo was running around playing with our other dog and he some how split one of his nails.


We noticed by him bleeding all over our kitchen floor.


He is not limping and he seems to be fine but what can we do about the nail that is split,

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I would bandage it to keep him from licking it and call the vet tomorrow. Sparty tore a nail and they had to take it off! Ouch!
Franklin has now on two occasions broken/split a back nail. Both required the vet to cut the nail to all the way down and both required antibiotics. I'd have a vet take a look, especially since it was bleeding which means the quick was injured and may need antibiotics to prevent infection. Did he split it all the way up or just a little bit? If just a little bit you may be able to just trim it yourself above the split and put some cornmeal or flower or quickstop on it so it doesn't bleed a ton


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