So family emergency which resulted in someone going to rehab, thank goodness, also resulted in me taking in his puggle, who's about 18 months or so old. It's not going well.  I have put Ethel on her leash to grab her, as she growls and goes for Leila (the puggle) whenever she comes near (Bertie, always the gent, is fine).  The puggle is not what I'm used to either.  Frenetic energy, not really well trained, whiney and barkey when left alone.  Actually, she whines constantly, and it is driving me batty, she will not shut up.  She's been out, she's eaten, she's played with Bertie, and she's sitting with me on the couch, and SHE'S STILL WHINING.

I may have to look for alternative lodgings for her -- she's been here for 3 hours and I'm already stressed by her, on top of the added emotional stress of this day. I just don't know if I have the patience for her neediness, and how best to calm Ethel down -- and honestly, it's her house after all. I feel very sorry for the puggle, she's under loads of stress too, I know, and I don't know how to help her calm down and adjust either.

Any ideas oh what I can do until I think up a better situation or find a better way or calm down myself?  She may need housing for over a month, detox lasts 3-5 days, and rehab is a minimum of 28.

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Do you have any clothing of the person who went into rehab? It might help to give that to the pup. Also, is the rehab person allowed phone calls or visitors after the detox stage? It might help if the owner calls you and lets the pup hear the persons voice or to visit if possible. The poor pup is probably freaking out not knowing what's going on, other than she was dropped off at your house and her human is gone suddenly. I know it can be difficult. Perhaps in the next couple days she will calm down and get used to her surroundings. I know it can be difficult. Try to keep her with you as long as you can, putting her in another perhaps even more situation with finding her a temporary home could be more damaging to the pup than what's going on already. The pup needs extra love right now. It might be best to keep your pup and the new one separated a bit. do you have baby gates or anything? Keep them separated and kind of reintroduce them slowly into the same room. It might be that your pup is just overwhelmed and needs a little space, but might warm up to the pup slowly. Kota is usually always rude when a pup is introduced to him, and if it's a puppy, it takes a lot longer for him to accept there is another dog in the house. Make sure to give each of the pups extra loving and one on one time. Sorry you are having to go through this.Hugs and good luck.

If Leila isn't doing better in a day, you could look into a calming chew. I have read about them here and they are available at pet stores.

I am so sorry your going through a stressful time.  :(  I would keep the dogs separated, maybe gate the guests in the kitchen, or rotate the dogs gated in the kitchen.  I would think that Ethel is going to get jealous of the new visitor getting attention from you.  I'm sorry I don't have a whole lot of advice for you. I like the idea of the calming chews, Snickmom suggested for the puggle.  


Well, remember it is your house not Ethel's :) I went through a little of this when our dobe, Misty, came to live with us after my son moved over seas. It was easier because I wanted her to come and live and it sounds like you may have gotten "backed" into this. Walking the two of them(Ethel and Leila) together really helps. My Sparty hated Misty so we did the leash in the house thing for quite a while and eventually I knew when the problem times were so I could handle things better. You are right the puggle is very needy right now due to her confusion and this is probably sparking a lot of Ethel's actions. Some dogs really hate insecurity in others. If you are up for it and there isn't a better alternative things may calm down after a week or two of walks and letting Ethel know that "You have got this". As long as the puggle doesn't fight back it can work, it did for us but Sparty never did like Misty after 4 years but he would tolerate her. Good luck!

So sorry you are going through this. I would separate them or kennel them when you are too busy to watch and then have a leash on them so you can get them away if need be. I am sure that all of them are feeling the stress right now and hopefully in a few days things can lessen and you can start working on a positive approach for it to work. If you need to kennel one of them at a time...that's ok too. I still occasionally have to do this with one of my 2 females during high stress's better for them than things getting out of control. The clothes idea is a good one also.

Good luck!

I would probably lock the puggle in a bathroom or a single bedroom or in my garage and give my two dogs the rest of the space.  I typically have to do this with foster dogs to avoid any altercations when I am not at home and also for my dogs to feel comfortable and not feel like they're losing time with me.  As for the whining and barking, I'd give her a kong toy or chews to keep her busy and mind off stuff.  Seems like she could have some separation anxiety from losing her owner... something that smells like the rehab person might help. 

Thank you for all your helpful replies.  It's just been such a tsunami of stress in my house that I decided it was better for her to stay a few days with a woman who does pet sitting services.  She recently lost her dog, and is not ready for a new one, but could use some puppy love.  And this puppy could use some calm, other-dog-free, one-on-one person time, which I really couldn't give her.  I also work from home, so keeping the dogs separate and calm while trying to manage the workflow was more than I could really do.  She's a sweet little pup, if Ethel would have unbent a little...  but I think is better, at least for now.


Sometimes you just can't take care of everyone, as I know from all the Al Anon meetings .... I think it will be happier for all, and this nice woman will get some good dog time!

How lucky for everyone that you found a good solution. I hope your lives even out soon.

Thanks!  It's funny, she is scheduled to come by on Sat and walk the Corgettes while I'm in the city, and I told her about our situation, and she said, wouldn't this be perfect if she took her temporarily.  So everyone's relieved, and she actually just called to say she's settling in very well, after a long walk and a lot of ball chasing, she stopped bouncing off the walls and is really quite nice.  Yay!

Sounds like a perfect solution! happy for both of you:)


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