So Solomon is 4 years old, way past the puppy stage.  I had suspected that he was doing this but I saw proof this morning.  I was taking a shower and heard strange noises, I thought ok whats broke now, when I got out of the shower I still heard the noise, peeped out in the hallway and say Solomon chewing on the side of the night stand.  Wood all over the floor where he was pulling the wood off in little pieces.  My question is what would make him do that?  His teeth are pearly white, he gets plenty of bones to chew on, he gets loads of attention and he is not teething!!!  I immediately told him he was a bad boy and scolded him profusly and felt bad when the ears went back.  See Solomon has no shame or guilt for the things that he does bad, he is just carefree but this time he went into ears down, tongue running out and the big eye thing.  Is he lacking something nutritionally?  Any help is always appreciated. 

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Gracie was only destructive when she was bored as a puppy.  Oh my poor shoes!  I think he needs more exercise.  We play fetch a few times a day.  And I'm old.  :)


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