My fiance and I just adopted a new baby corgi yesterday. She is our first puppy, but not our first dog. Our first dog was adopted by us a little over a year ago, he just turned two and a half. He came to us fully (and very well) trained and housebroken. Do you have any training tips for us? Is it true that she can learn some training & good behavior from my other dog? I don't know how to discipline her without making my other corgi feel like he's in trouble too.

Right now the both of them are getting along and playing great, but she growls when she plays but he doesn't. We are trying to quell this behavior in her, without discouraging playing.

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We just got a corgi puppy thats 6 months. It would probably be better to train your puppy in a different room to avoid confusion between the two. Also while training have treats handy and give praise every time she does. Like when teaching to give paw. Say the command pick up her paw and say good girl good paw! And give her a treat.

Lilly learned a lot of commands following Brody's lead and now Lucy follows both of them for sit, wait, excuse me (when sitting in my spot or underfoot). On walks she just fell in line between the two of them. Same with kennel up... so it seems to me your older corgi can teach the younger, but I understand what you mean about the older ones feeling like they are getting scolded. Ours figured it out after a while.

Some dogs are more vocal than others when they play, but you can interrupt that if you feel the interaction is is too much. They will learn what is acceptable to you, what is not. Kids have to learn that too, there are rules in the house.  As for discipline, mostly with pups you work on putting them only in situations where they can be successful, so you can praise rather than discipline.  If you need to stop unwanted behavior, use the name to differentiate between the two dogs, they catch on pretty quick.  The leash can be useful in the house too, if the pup is overexcited and you want to keep it closer to you until it's calmed down.

Growling doesn't necessarily mean she is unhappy but I would not discourage growling. It is your pups only way of showing that something is getting over her threshold. It let's you and the other dog know to back off or change direction but as a puppy she may just be playing. Be careful that your discipline is positive. Reinforce the behavior you want. I find that training separately works best with my pup. I hope eventually to be able to work it together but having the other dog around is too distracting for my pup.


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