Hey everyone.  We are doing a HUGE remodel in our home and have added some square footage so we need new flooring.  We will be taking up our existing hardwood that is in horrible shape but I was wondering what kind of flooring you all find best with little Corgi feet running around on it.  Any suggestions are welcome though we don't really want to do tile.

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Did you already tear it out? If it's real would I would see if it's possible to save it...we refinished our about 10 years ago and now need to again but with 5 coats of polyurethane(sp) it held up a long time. I just reread your discussion and I suppose that where you are tearing up the wood is where you added more room???

I ripped out my carpet at our other house and put linoleum down ...it now looks exactly like tile. I will try to find a pic. There are certain kinds that are better...so ask the place where you are looking what kind is best for dogs. I think the softer in not as good???

Real tile is great but takes a long time and is hard work. I did one of our rooms and it is 20X25 and it took me a month:(

That's a beautiful floor, Jane.

Thanks Beth....I really like it too:) Much better than the carpet we had!

I don't know what your budget is, but I know my parents recently redid the floor in their house with the snap-together laminate hardwood stuff. It's real hardwood and looks it, but is much easier for upkeep (no waxing or refinishing). It works well for their rabbits (who pee on the floor a lot more often than my puppy does :P) and is easy to clean. I'll see if I can find a picture of it somewhere so you can see it

This was the only picture I could find of it at all and it's kind of grainy, but you can sort of get an idea of what I'm talking about. It only took a day to put in, but they had contractors doing it since they were redoing a bunch of other stuff at the same time, so I'm not sure what it would take to do yourself.

Thanks for the replies everyone.   Jane that looks great, and yes what is down is real wood but we added a new room off the existing and we can't match what is down so we are taking up to combine together and make it all flow better.  Where I got my other flooring done when we finished our basement suggested a good hard wood or bamboo but I dont know anyone who has bamboo and dogs.   Shauna that looks wonderful we did laminate in our basement actually and I do like it.  PLUS You all have very BEAUTIFUL Dogs.

Wood with area rugs gives you the most flexibility.
I think I did check out bamboo and believe it's softer and more likely to scratch...not sure though.

We have laminate that looks like wood and tile. I had wanted to do hardwood instead of the laminate but spending that much money and having the dogs scratch it up would just kill me, lol.

I refinished the real wood in my house too.  It wasn't that expensive and is easy to keep clean.  I've got tile in other parts of the house and would recommend dark grout or you will be constantly cleaning it.  The boys like the tile in the summer heat.

Jane....your floor is beautiful!  We have real hardwood thru the house except for the kitchen and bath.  The corgis don't seem to do much damage to either but my Irish wolfhound totally destroyed the kitchen tiles. We are looking for a house to buy in TN for when we retire and we both want either hardwood or a good laminate...I hate wall to wall carpeting and much prefer area rugs.


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